söndag 17 juli 2011

The Editing Of 'On The Road' Will Be Finished In September According To Walter Salles


Translated (Google)
Director Walter Salles has just returned from the United States. Crossed the country from one side to another with the filming of "On the Road, "a film inspired by the book by Jack Kerouac. The filmmaker spoke with Glamurama and added a few stories.

* "Six years of preparation, " said Walter, who managed to close co-production with no less than Francis Ford Coppola and the French MK2. "We crossed the USA from start to finish with a team of five people. We also went by Canada and Mexico. "Everything to cause the viewer what he calls a " sense of displacement and desire for discovery, "which follow the book by Kerouac.

* Waltinho, moreover, is not the only star of the production. In the cast are Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Alice Braga, and others. The editing must be completed in late September, and the movie hits the big screen in 2012.

Source: Glamurama via @ELLErized via @KstewAngel via PattinsonStewartFans

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