måndag 19 mars 2012

Daniel Radcliff mentioned Robert Pattinson in an interview with 'The First' Magazine

"I have a weird relationship with fame. It is sometimes hard to live, but I did not want to complain. Probably because the people are friendly with me - and it is that you released.

I'm thinking it has nothing to do with what lives Robert (Pattinson) This is a guy I really like - and no I do not have his laptop, and I say this, because every time it's the first thing you wonder. He is a sex symbol. It's sexy and it just makes her look "romantic" for girls to crack. It is the perfect size to seduce girls - unlike me (laughs). He can be charming and cute, wild and sexy ... I do not have this status: look at the photos in the press. When one puts us face-to-face, I always look a bit silly or I make faces, while he, he always has his eye as a womanizer!"

source: RPattzRobertPattinson.com

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