torsdag 5 april 2012

#OTR "Trois Couleurs" Special Edition French/English Covers + Info



The April issue of Trois Couleurs gave a few ‘On The Road’ updates. You can download the full issue here. Tranlastion: thanks Caro| kstewartnews

Page 6: Poster with May 23rd French release date. They “saw the film and loved it”.

Page 69:  ‘On The Road’ will be on the released on May 23 (in France). Walter Salles is directing the movie adapted from the excellent Jack Kerouac book, starring G.Hedlund, S. Riley and K.Stewart. For this special event, the Trois Couleurs writing team took the road to analyze it. Conclusion: A special book with rare archivals footage and unreleased portfolios. 244 pages covering the biggest chapters of the Beat Generation. Released on May 9th.

Page 75: Two editions of the Trois Couleurs ’On The Road’ issue will be released May 9th. 144 page regular edition and 244 page deluxe issue. The issue will have exclusive content.  Kristen Stewart, Walter Salles, Garret Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Carolyn Cassady, Francis Ford Coppola, Viggo Mortensen, Yves Simon,  Gustavo Santaolalla and more participated in the issue. (We learned in February that Kristen did an interview for the issue.)

Issue will be available in English.
Table of Contents (previously released)

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