tisdag 17 april 2012

Who Wore It Best? Kristen Stewart & Lily Collins Go Mulberry Blue #Coachella

This printed dress from the Resort 2012 collection by Mulberry has certainly been making its rounds in young Hollywood!
Kristen Stewart was the first to rock the pretty blue abstract frock, when she attended the Spring 2012 fashion show in London for the brand back in September. Since then, Amanda Seyfried wore the dress for a daytime talk show appearance and now, Lily Collins turned up in the same piece during Mulberry‘s pool party during Coachella.
The sighting of Lily in the same dress as Kristen sparked some internet chatter as the two are often pitted against each other lately; they both take on the beloved portrayal of Snow White in two very different movies out in theaters within a few months of each other. Lily stars in the family fun “Mirror Mirror” (in theaters now) while Kristen goes to battle in “Snow White and the Huntsman” (in theaters June 1st).
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