måndag 17 januari 2011

Rob Exchanged Numbers With Andrew At The After Party


Robert Pattinson is not ready for his close up. Or at least he wasn't, according to his security guy, who shut down partygoers with cameras at HBO's post-Globes bash. After he presented at the Globes, Rob hit HBO's poolside party and was hanging with fellow Brit Andrew Garfield. But when one person was going to ask if they could take a photo... His guard jumped in as soon as he saw them take out their camera. "He's not taking any photos," the gruff guard said, telling them to put the camera away. While Rob himself seemed to be in great spirits, we can't say the same for his security guard. Maybe he should have had one of the Heinekens Rob was throwing back himself.

The Bagger did run into Andrew Garfield by the pool at HBO, but he waved off our tape recorder. “You want a scoop?” he said. “You’re going in the pool!” He aimed to push us in jokingly, as his girlfriend, Shannon Woodward (the TV series “Raising Hope”), protested. Then Robert Pattinson came over and things got really off the record. (Attention tweens: Mr. Garfield, star of “The Social Network” and the forthcoming “Spider-Man,” and Mr. Pattinson did exchange numbers.)

via Pattinson-StewartFans

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