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(Video) Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg and Cast Talk 'Cosmopolis' With Examiner /NYC Premiere

examiner This week, actor Robert Pattinson, DirectorDavid Cronenberg and the cast took New York by storm to promote Entertainment One’sCosmopolis , which hit theaters this weekend. Rob began his week at the New York premiere of his film, which was hosted by Gucci and The Peggy Siegal Company at the MoMA.  Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand, Emily Hampshire, K’Naan were all in attendance. On Friday, Director David Cronenberg capped a whirlwind week with a special screening of his film presented by TheFilm Society of Lincoln Center . This week, Rob and David also spoke at a New York Times  talk and rang the opening bell at the stock exchange.
Film Synopsis: Based on the prophetic novel by Don DeLillo, comes Cosmopolis, a contemporary thriller that turns into a wild, hypnotic odyssey through our new millennium’s obsessions with power, money, control, information, technology, violence, sex, mortality, revolution, destruction and ultimately, redemption. Unfolding in a single cataclysmic day, the story follows Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) – a 28-year old financial whiz kid and billionaire asset manager – as he heads out in his tricked-out stretch limo to get a haircut from his father’s old barber, while remotely wagering his company’s massive fortune on a bet against the Chinese Yuan. Packer’s luxe trip across the city quickly becomes dizzyingly hellish as he encounters explosive city riots, a parade of provocative visitors, and is thrust into a myriad of intimate encounters. Having started the day with everything, believing he is the future, Packer’s perfectly ordered, doubt-free world is about to implode. (Fun Fact: Pattinson’s character, Eric Packer, is dressed exclusively in Gucci in the film.)
Check out what Robert Pattinson (who looked dapper in a Gucci suit), his co-stars Sarah Gadon and Emily Hampshire and director David Cronenberg had to say about working onCosmopolis at the New York premiere:
Q: The film is set in New York.
Robert Pattinson: New York seems very very foreign to me, like more foreign than almost anywhere in America, and almost anywhere in the world, I find it like one of the most overwhelming places, but am I more nervous here? I don't know, generally doing stories about New York, I think New York is kind of important, even though it was shot in Toronto.
Q: David Cronenberg said that you were reluctant to take the role at first.
Robert Pattinson: What made me decide was just basically like the only thing that was stopping me was being scared and so I was like, well what am I supposed to be scared of? The only thing I could be scared of was being bad, and it's kind of down to me whether I'm bad or now, but I think people who like Twilight and stuff, how this movie is being interpreted so far, people either love it or hate it regardless of where they come from, or who they are, so I think it'll be the same thing, it's definitely different.
Q: How did you get the role?
Emily Hampshire : Actually, I put myself on tape for this and I didn't have anyone to read with me, so I actually did it with myself, I recorded my own voice, and then I put myself on tape with myself, and later on David, when he was talking about my audition in the press, he was just saying that he's going to invent a program that can be like iDirector, where he can just do things like that. I think he found it very interesting that I did it all myself on my little mac and he also threatened me a lot of the times on set when I wasn't doing well, he said 'I'm just going to cut your audition into the movie.'
Q: What was it like working with Robert Pattinson?
Emily Hampshire: Amazing, surprisingly so in the way that I didn't know (kind of ignorantly so) that he was a real actor and a good one and has the desire to be a really even better one...He really is normal and instantly I felt like we were instant kind of besties in a way and maybe that is his charm, maybe that is his thing, that he makes everyone feel like they are connected to him in some way....It was like we were all in these mini-movies because it was just me and Rob had our scene, I never worked with any of the actors, so you do feel like the star of your own movie with Rob Pattinson, directed by David, in this tiny little space, so it felt very kind of surreal.
Q: Tell us about your character:
Sarah Gadon : I play Elise Shifrin, she's 25 and she's an heiress to the Shifrin fortune and I am not an heiress to a fortune!
Q: What was it like working with David Cronenberg?
Sarah Gadon: Incredible! We had worked together on a dangerous method and I was so thrilled when he asked me to be apart of Cosmopolis. I felt like I passed the greatest test of my life and I was so excited because he's an incredible filmmaker and working with him is a huge honor, as a Canadian, as an actor, as a film fan.
Q: Did the fact that you didn't rehearse help you better portray your relationship with Rob's character?
Sarah Gadon: We are supposed to have an awkward relationship. What I think is really interesting is that we're two people who spent the whole film trying to find each other, but we never seem to be speaking the same language and I think that our lack of knowledge about each other really helped inform that relationship.
Q: How did you feel when you first found out you would be starring in a film with Robert Pattinson?
Sarah Gadon: I was really curious when I signed on to the project and what I thought was so interesting was that he is someone who is entirely egoless as a person, but he's playing this character who has a massive ego, so it was really interesting to watch him kind of flip back and forth between those two people.
Q: What was your process to adapt the book to film?David Cronenberg: I read it once and then I though that it could be a movie then I read it again, while writing the screenplay.
 Gucci Sunglasses  gifted celebs on the carpet and Ciroc cocktails were served at the party including specialty drinks created especially for the evening such as the CIROC Coco-Cosmopolis . The after-party was held at PH-D Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown. Rob stayed until the very end of the night, hanging out with his co-stars and guests such as Stanley Tucci and filmmaker Nick Jarecki.
The film will be released nationwide on August 24th.

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