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"Breaking Dawn" And Kristen Funny Mention From Baton Rouge - Celtic Media Centre

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Celtic Media Centre brings big budget movies to Baton Rouge

lsureveille Off an unimpressive stretch of Bluebonnet Boulevard, across the street from an old Coca-Cola factory steadily transforming into a Big Lots, Baton Rouge’s best kept secret is making magic.
Though most Baton Rouge residents have never heard of it, the Celtic Media Centre has put the Capital City on the map for film and television in the past few years. All those big budget movies like “Breaking Dawn,” “Battleship,” “The Host” and “Oblivion” that brought stars to Baton Rouge?
They came for Celtic.
Just getting past the front gates requires clearance from the inside, a necessary precaution given the scale of some of the productions that have unfolded at Celtic. Though the no-fly zone the cast of “Breaking Dawn” requested over the lot proved unnecessary, a few intrepid “Twilight” fans did once manage to sneak onto a Celtic shuttle before accidentally winding up on the set of “Battleship” instead and getting escorted off the premises. ..)
The most magic, though, happens in seven other stages across the grounds. Most resemble a standard warehouse from the outside, but each already boasts its own star-studded history.

Stage 2, once intended to be Master P’s basketball court, now serves as one of the smaller stages at Celtic. During the shoot that gave Stage 2 its nickname “Twilight Holy Ground,” Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were filming in bed together when the noise of gunfire made it through the soundproof walls — the sound of an AR15 firing from the “Battleship” set across the lot. According to Mulhearn, Stewart jumped up in the bed and shouted, “I wanna be in that movie!”

Other shooting venues at Celtic include twin 30,800 square foot stages — Stage 4 and Stage 6 — one of which contained a full-size replica of the Cullens’ house during filming of “Breaking Dawn.” Between them sits Stage 5, one of the only stages outside of Hollywood with a 70-foot ceiling peak to allow for sets like the sky home used by Tom Cruise’s character in “Oblivion.”

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