torsdag 30 maj 2013

Free Screening of 'Little Ashes' at the Dali Museum in Florida

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Pride Night at the Dali Museum! Come celebrate Pride Night on June 20th at the Dali Museum, Free film screening of “Little Ashes” starring Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran at 6pm. Discounted Museum admission after 5pm.

Free film screening, Open to the public

$10.00 discounted museum admission at 5pm.
Cash Beer & Wine Bar
Limited Seating
Free Popcorn
Discounted DVD of “Little Ashes” for sale in the Museum Store.

Little Ashes is a 2008 Spanish-British drama film set against the backdrop of Spain during the 20s and 30s, as three of the era’s most creative young talents meet at university and set off on a course to change their world.

A fictionalized account of Dali’s early life, “Little Ashes” is a conterubydynasty mporary story about universal themes such as love and relationships, longing, loss and betrayal. The three main characters are important Spanish figures – Salvador Dali, poet Federico Garcia Lorca and filmmaker Luis Bunuel – who met as students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. Dali, Lorca and Bunuel defied their society’s politics and forged new ground during a time when being an artist was revolutionary – and being a gay or bisexual artist was dangerous. Together, these distinct personalities learn from each other and develop a complex new language about the nature of art. (2008, 112 minutes, directed by Paul Morrison and starring Robert Pattinson)

Cost: Free to all. Theater is limited to 95 guests, first come, first served. RSVP here

Address to The Dali Museum:

1 Dali Boulevard
Saint Petersburg, FL
(800) 442-DALI
(800) 442-3254

Source: The Dali Museum Facebook Via: Spunk-Ransom

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