söndag 19 maj 2013

New BTS Set Pics From @GallowsHillFilm with Peter Facinelli

 photo 5ad7bbbcbdc711e2b31922000aaa09f2_7_zps6025b742.jpg  photo 6c7fed0ebde411e2868722000aaa088a_7_zpsf0362e0e.jpg

@peterfacinelli In Colombia. Doing additional photography on #GallowsHill Filming all night in the rain. #goodtimes
Follow more Info: @GallowsHillFilm | Pic:@nathalia73
Update. W/Fans | BTS/Set | RCN Interview
   photo BKqRrlMCAAA7tnB_zps65fc707d.jpg photo 10c253c2c01811e2b9fd22000a1fbc16_7_zpsd9971396.jpg

Update 2 
 photo BKsL74WCEAAGLiv_zps199490e3.jpg
 photo 2a5453fac19c11e2af4522000a1f8f13_7_zps230d6a80.jpg photo BKtLvh3CcAALJbE_zpsad889eeb.jpg

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