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Dior Press Conference: Details + First Look At The Ad "Rob officially as the face of Dior Homme"

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@Dior: Dior is delighted to announce that actor Robert Pattinson is to be the new face of Dior Homme fragrance. #DiorRob 
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From Dior Mag 
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Last night, in Los Angeles, Dior revealed the new face of it's leading men's perfume, Dior Homme. A heartthrob actor with a dazzling career that parallels the trajectory of the legendary fragance, who is the man behind the scent?

He's returned from Australia where he was filming the new David Michod movie with Guy Pierce, The Rover . And will soon kick off shooting David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars alongside John Cusack and Julianne Moore. And then it will be the turn of Hold On To Me , from James Marsh. Any ideas? Previously, he was in Cosmopolis and Water For Elephants . Cinephiles should have already guessed... And his first role? Cedric Diggory in the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series. Getting warm? And then... Well then, of course, came the unforgettable Twilight saga. There can be no doubt remaining, and you've guessed it: Robert Pattinson will embody the new Dior man, the new Dior Homme

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 Tweets from the press conference
@Whybee1: Tonite at 7PM, press-conference with Rob Pattinson. Countdown : 48 hrs to the face2face interview !
@mariateam: #Dior and #RobertPattinson what a combo for tonite...
@mariateam: Time for Him
@mariateam: We ready tumblr lovers the #Dior ad w #RobertPattinson is really sexy
@mariateam: #RobertPattinson is in front of me talking he is nice, cute, sweet and saying that loves the smell of London
@mariateam: "As an actor you are in your own" #RobertPattinson
@mariateam: Sorry not allow to take a pic of him

Tweets from the after party
Having dinner w . Really cool
(pictures from the press conference and after party)

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 Women's Wear Daily
PARIS — Parfums Christian Dior has confirmed that actor Robert Pattinson is the new face of Dior Homme fragrance.
The “Twilight” star joins an illustrious list of celebrity ambassadors for Dior fragrances, which include Jude Law, Alain Delon, Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron.

American photographer Nan Goldin and French director Romain Gavrais shot the campaigns starring Pattinson, Dior said, noting they are to be broadcast in Europe excluding the U.K. and Asia, excluding China and Japan.

According to Dior, the print campaign will break from Sept. 1 in a range of magazine titles for women and men, along with daily newspapers.
The television commercial, shot largely in New York, is to debut the same month in 60-second and 80-second lengths.
marieclaire Robert Pattinson has officially been announced as the face of Dior Homme. 
After months of speculation about the star's rumoured partnership with the brand, the House of Dior has released an official statement today confirming the campaign. 

They said: 'The House of Dior is delighted to announce that actor Robert Pattinson is to be the new face of Dior Homme fragrance.' 

Cue screams of delight from the entire Marie Claire office...

The first shot released by the fashion house shows Robert lookingutterly gorgeous in a stubby, blue-eyed close-up. 

Robert wears a red checked shirt and looks perfectly groomed. Rumours in Hollywood have claimed that the campaign for Rob's ad was 'steamy' and featured the actor surrounded by women in a bed. Here's hoping that's to come…

Dior Homme adds: 'Today we are excited to announce that he will join the privileged circle of Dior faces. Photographed by American artist Nan Goldin and filmed by French director Romain Gavras, this new Dior Homme communication campaign is currently broadcast exclusively in Europe (except UK) and Asia (except China and Japan).
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Whybee1 Whole Lotta Rob ? Rob Lotta Love ? Zep song is Romain Gavras' new Dior Homme fragrance film score. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB_DOA2AL7Q
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