fredag 14 juni 2013

Update info on Rico & Cole - Joseph Julian Soria joins Kristen in 'Camp X-Ray'

'Army Wives' Joseph Julian Soria Buddies Up to Kristen Stewart in 'Camp X-Ray'
thewrap Lifetime's "Army Wives" star Joseph Julian Soria will be back in uniform for "Camp X-Ray," the independent film starring "Twilight's" Kristen Stewart.

Set in the U.S. Military's Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, Stewart will play Cole, a soldier who strikes up a friendship with one of the young prisoners. Soria will play the role of Rico, described as one of Cole's closest friends on the base.
Very naive, maybe a little dim, Rico offers Cole support and backup when she needs it most.

Via  JJSoria Tnxs itsoktobeyou

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