måndag 16 september 2013

2 new promotional images of @MyannaBuring from #Downton Abby + Info

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radiotimes MyAnna Buring

Who is she playing?
She's not exactly a new character - Edna Braithwaite appeared in the Christmas special - but you weren't expecting to see her again were you? Evil Edna, who almost managed to seduce Branson last time she was at Downton, is making a return to the Abbey in the first episode. Six months have gone past and things have changed. Edna has trained to be a lady's maid. But has she put her scheming ways behind her?

Where do you recognise her from?
The Swedish actress played blood-sucking Tanya in Twilight but she's also appeared in White Heat, The Poison Tree and Ripper Street.

Next Sunday 22 Sept, 9pm -Watch it Here
HQ Stills: Source Via DT

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