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Dakota Fanning: New 'Night Moves' Interviews from Rio de Janeiro (Mentions Twilight, Rob & Kristen)

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Dakota Fanning is making her first visit to Brazil. The 19-year-old American actress came to Rio de Janeiro to promote the film "Night Moves" at the 2013 Rio Festival. On Saturday, 28, she participated in a series of interviews on the Quayside, the city's docklands and suffered from the heat.

Fair white dress, sunglasses and nails golden glitter, the actress dismissed the treatment of "diva" given to international celebrities. Sitting on a stool in the shade, the actress fanned herself with a piece of paper.

On time for the interview, the actress gets up, sits at the table next to the EGO board, and introduces himself: "Hi, I'm Dakota. Geez, how is hot today, huh?" she says joyfully.

It is this simplicity - and for her talent, of course - that Dakota is considered a sort of "actress prodigy." At age seven, she made her first film, "A Lesson in Love", alongside Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer. Since then, accumulated over twenty works on the big screen and has become one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood and well paid.

However, she says, modestly, that she is a young woman like all the others. "I consider myself a normal girl. Except for the part of the red carpet and the filming, I live a quiet life. Always managed to balance these two sides. Both college I did, I'm now doing film school at New York University."

New film work
"What led me to make this film, first, was the opportunity to work with director Kelly Reichardt. I'm Very fond of her. I've always indicated that when people ask me who I'd like to work. I'll have to think of a new name when I answer this question (laughs).
This is one of the least glamorous characters of my career and that's kind of a relief. This role has nothing to do with clothing, hair ... It's great to record with comfortable clothes. It's fun."

Acting career
"People do not need to ask me about how to be a young actress or as growing up in Hollywood, but always ask. Alright. I grew up there, but I can not control how people see me.
I managed to make the transition from youth to adult characters, but never bothered with it. If you put pressure, you'll just go crazy. I chose the characters that motivated me and made ​​me feel connected with the stories. Without thinking about age."

New Challenges
"I have long wanted to direct a film. I do not know when or what, but I know I'll
definitely do it."

Actress Praised
"I have no secrets. I'm just myself. They are really cool." (Director Steven Spielberg and actor Sean Penn on the list of names the Hollywood actress has praised publicly)

Family work
"I really wanted to play opposite her (Elle Fanning, younger sister). Having never done any film together, we have to find some special story to be told."

The Twilight Saga

"I still talk to Kristen. We've become very good friends. I played a part in the movies, that was insane. I felt that a lot. It wasn't something that has changed my life, but it was a great job." (Dakota played the role of Jane in The Twilight Saga)
Visit to Rio
"I'm finding Rio to be beautiful. I get to do these interviews here with this amazing scenery, I love it. Pity I'm only here until tomorrow. I did not have much time to enjoy it. I'll have to come back."

Dakota landed at Tom Jobim International Airport on Friday morning. When she landed, the actress was photographed with shy smile on her face and carrying her own luggage. Checking out of a luxury hotel located in the south of the city, the American star left the place Saturday morning to meet the press in a warehouse on the Quayside, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. She chose a fresh look and dressed in a white dress with some transparency, which highlighted her good form. At night, Dakota attended the premiere of her feature film, "Night Moves" at Cine Odeon. She is expected to be invited to the gala presentation of the film "Friends" in the same theater, located in the city center.

Translation by Gossip-Dance | Source: Ego

At 19, Dakota Fanning already has career. The public knew her as the sweet little girl in films like I Am Sam and Charlotte's Web. And saw her grow in productions starring teenagers, like the Twilight saga. The blonde star, very white skin, big blue eyes, easy smile and open, is in Brazil to launch one of her latest films, now an adult: Night Moves, from director Kelly Reichardt. An independent film centered on the story of three young environmentalists run to the ecological terrorism to bring forward a plan to blow up a dam. More than explore the repercussions that this act has on the environment, Night Moves shows what happens to the lives of these young people, played by Dakota, Jesse Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard, when the plan does not go as they expected.

In this interview, Dakota talks about the film, her plans for the future and the transition from children's movies and teens to adults over long. "I'll always be in transition, because you are always growing and changing and the things you do also change along with you," says the actress, who has never seen a Brazilian movie: "I do not know. I do not see as many movies as I should ... It's something I have to work on. "Night Moves will screen on September 30th, at 16.30 and 21.30 in São Luiz 3, and October 3rd, at 14h and 19h at the Cinepolis Lagoon 5.

Rio de Janeiro

It's my first time in Rio is so hot here! I arrived yesterday and I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, so I will not have much time to see things. But I've realized it's a cool place, here you have a beautiful view. I'll have to go back.

Environmental Activism

I was excited about the possibility of working with Kelly (Reichardt), the director, because I was a big fan of her before I knew her. And for me the film is not so much about activism, is about emotions, and I think also to Kelly, Peter (Saarsgard) and Jesse (Eisenberg). It is a film about the emotions felt by those three people. All parts of environmental activism comes second. It's about your thoughts, your feelings. I got interested in it. And I wanted very much to work with Kelly. I didn't research much about the subject (environmental activism) because I did not want to be restricted to the subject, hold me to that. I wanted to focus more on the emotions of the characters, and not be technical about it. But the film talks about it and you are able to see the impact of what is discussed in the landscapes that appear in the film, which is quite impressive. It was a subject that I knew, I know all the bad things that are happening to the environment, so I can not say I was "Oh, wow!" with what is told about the nature, because it is not a novelty. And the film is not a focus for me. What matters are the emotions.

We never really talked about all the emotions that emerge from the movie, they surfaced naturally. She (Kelly Reichardt) obviously had a very clear vision of what he wanted, but never told me how I should feel, never imposed.

Jesse Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard

I had never worked with him (Jesse). He is too much! We got along very well, and he is so smart, intelligent ... made me laugh all the time. He is not like his character in real life is a very nice guy. Glad to have spent this time working with him.

Peter I've worked with before, this is the second time I'm making a movie with him (the other was Very Good Girls). He definitely has a quality screen that's a little scary at the same time, nice, someone people like. He does it very well, is very natural. I always believe in him. His character in the film is not cool, but at the same time ... Peter is not in real life, but it has something that is very convincing. He is a great actor, I think one of the best there.

Character Stripped

(Night Moves) Isn't a film about looks, clothes, hair, or makeup. Being able to not wear any makeup and not doing hair and wear comfortable clothes ended up being really fun.

People think my hair is red in this movie, when in fact it's brown! I do not know what happened! Kelly and I kind of thought about this change at the same time. She asked me: "What do you think about dark hair?". And I: "I was also thinking about". I did not see Dena (her character) as blonde as I am.

Balance between blockbusters and independent films

I do not think much about it, not really. I worry more if I connect with the characters, the story, if it is something I really want to do. I do not think there is a way to control it, because you shoot two, three years before the film is released, you do not have much control over this balance between the films that will be released. It's kind of impossible to do it deliberately.

Transition to adult roles

I think it's something that has already happened. I'm an adult now, I went ahead. And it will always happen in a person's career. Movies that do in my twenties that I will be different from ones I do in my 30's, which will be different than the ones in my 40's, and so on. I'll always be in transition, because you are always growing and changing, so things also change along with us. I do not feel any pressure. I make the movies I want to do. But I can not control how people see me. That depends on them.

Life outside the cinema

I've always attended normal schools, the usual places. My life outside cinema is very normal. I always tried to have that balance.


I will begin shooting in the coming weeks with Richard Gere (Movie Franny, Andrew Renzi). I also did a movie with Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon, The Last Robin Hood. I still have a few more things happening.

What I like to do are some types of dramas, movies centered on emotions that challenge me. I like it very much. But I want to do different films, comedies probably in the future. I would not like to limit myself.

I'm at NYU (New York University), studying something that has to do with women and film, I do not know how to name it. I want to direct. It's something I see myself doing one day. I do not know what, do not know when, but I'm on that side, for sure. I think it will be that kind of movie (Night Moves) that'll drive it. It is what I say is what I like to watch, that's what I like to do.

 The Twilight Saga

It's a phenomenon. I'm glad to be part of it, but I'm a small part. It has not changed my life, it isn't anymore crazy or anything. It was higher for them (the actors, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson), but I think they took the best they could and enjoyed all the affection of all the fans.

Younger sister, actress Elle Fanning

We've never acted together, we will have to do something that the two of us are interested, and we have to make sure that is the right thing, to make it special.

Translation By Gossip-Dance | Source: Veja via @KstewAngel

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