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#DiorRob New pics from "Dior Homme Campaign" in 'Harper's Bazaar' (Russia)

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Note: As with all translated interviews some parts are a little off.

My road was far less thorny than of the most of my colleagues

Robert Pattinson speaks to Julia Kudryavtseva about cinema, fashion, life in Los Angeles and his Rider(list of conditions).

Lovelace, insidious seducer, public peace disruptor. In reality Robert Pattinson turned out to be shy, nice and friendly young man. Definitely not a spoilt child of fortune (favourite of fortune) convinced of his own irresistibility. Moreover, during our interview I could not help feeling that paparazzi and fans storming venue of our meeting, also some doubtful stories appearing in tabloids have nothing to do with him.

“Is this your first time in Los Angeles?” –Robert asks me-“I am just getting used to living peacefully in this city” .Seeing bewilderment on my face he quickly explains: “I can’t say that since moving from London my life changed a lot. But still there is a difference, no more daily parties with friends. You know how the English love to have a drink after work, don’t you? I now have another hobby in the evenings, I get into a car and drive away aimlessly (without particular destination).” On hearing this I can’t help remembering that the actor while filming the Dior ad almost sank the car. “Yes, my driving skills can be extreme,”-he agrees-“ but to be fair I had never been in a car crash before”. And after touching the wood, he adds: “ On the other hand I drive cars I am not even sorry to crash.”

Generally Robert turned out to be a very frank and sincere talker . For example he admitted that playing in Hollywood blockbusters and Indies gives him equal pleasure. “recently I did two very different films, David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” and Werner Herzog’s“Queen of the Desert” (WTH? maybe they meant the Rover? -translator) I liked both. I don’t understand contemptuous attitude to big budget projects: if an actor is lucky to be part of the right Hollywood film, this work will definitely become tremendous and priceless experience for him” As for Arthouse “Queen of The Desert” the film attracted lot of interest even before going into pre-production- mostly because of the casting decisions of the director. The director trusted Robert with the part of Lawrence of Arabia. It is worth mentioning that “Lawrence of Arabia” with Peter o’Toole won lot’s of awards and was named as the best film of 1962. But Pattinson is not afraid of comparisons. “Herzog builds the plot around Gertrude Bell, my character is just her friend. So the part is fundamentally different”-explains the actor and adds in a second: “I am ashamed to confess I have never watched Lawrence of Arabia” although it is my father’s favourite film”.

Next year Rob has several premieres planned. For example , he has a leading part in “Maps to the Stars” Pattinson plays the actor, earning his living as a driver, because his career as an actor is not very successful. “unlike my character, I am very lucky, after “Twilight Saga” my life changed so much that I sometimes forget that before that I had to work as a waiter. My road was far less thorny than that of most of my colleagues.”

Robert also feels comfortable as the face of Dior. “I like the fragrance very much, also being the face of such brand as Dior is really cool, although when it comes to my clothes I don’t really depend on brands. I do have a lot of clothes but to tell you the truth three or four Items would have been enough.”

In real life Robert is in fact unpretentious . “ I know that some actors and musicians have some riders (list of conditions) in which they write champagne and exotic fruits. I have never made any lists. If I was asked what should stand in my dressing room, I would ask for a six pack of beer, and M & Ms pretzels, which sadly are no longer produced.
Update: Translation of the Bazaar Russia website via @joydivison111/Via spunk_ransom
Lovelace, insidious seducer, public peace disruptor. In reality Robert Pattinson turned out to be shy, nice and friendly young man. Definitely not a spoilt child of fortune (favourite of fortune) convinced of his own irresponsibility. Moreover, during our interview I could not help feeling that paparazzi and fans storming the venue of our meeting, also some doubtful stories appearing in tabloids have nothing to do with him.

You starred in two different movies David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” and Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert”. What is closer to you “Oscars” or Cannes film Festival”? Independent movie making or Hollywood style movies?

“I like both. if you manage to get a part in the right Hollywood movie this may become a wonderful experience. There are more restrictions in such films, while in independent movies you feel more free. Both have advantages-blockbusters have stunning decorations/scenery and there is complete sense of presence.”

What did you like about working with David Cronenberg? Who else would you like to meet on set?

“First of all I like David as a person. To me, he is a legend. I am ready to be part of any of his projects. I also would like to work with Jackues Audeard”.

“Lawrence of Arabia with Peter O’Toole won a lot of awards and became the best film of 1962. Are you not afraid of being compared to Peter O’ Toole? How do you picture Lawrence of Arabia?

“Queen of the Desert” is a completely different movie. Its plot focuses on Gertrude Bell, Lawrence is just her friend. I am not playing a leading character, that’s why it is a totally different part. In this film I am not playing a superhero so I am not worried about comparisons. I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen “Lawrence of Arabia” even though it is my father’s favourite movie.”

Lots of scenes of this movie were shot in Morocco (I think it should say “will be shot” -translator) what is your opinion about Arabian Culture and how did you get ready for the part?

“I haven’t started preparing for the part yet and I have no idea how to do this as the film will be shot at the end of the year. I have never been to any of Arab countries, A lot of my friends have been there and I am looking forward to this trip.”

Also next year another interesting film, Mission Blacklist is coming out. In it you play Eric Maddox. I know that you shaved your head for this part. For “little Ashes” you waxed your whole body. What are you ready to do for the movie and what will you definitely not do?

“So far in my career there has not been a moment when I thought “this is something I will definitely not do”. If I see that for a certain action there is a convincing reason, if it is good for the part, I will be ready to do it. I will definitely not kill anybody for the part (laughs)”

Another movie “Maps to the Stars” is coming out next year too. You are playing an actor, working as a driver, because his career is not very successful. Was your road to fame easier than that of your character?

“In fact I have been very lucky. After “Twilight” my life changed so much that I sometimes forget that in England I had to work as a waiter and do other similar jobs before finding a normal job. My road was easier than that of most people.”

What do you like most about your job?

“I like acting itself. At school I did not even think that I’d be doing this. When you have a good job and work with good people , that job allows you to combine your interests with lots of different things. During the preparation for the movie anything can inspire you –good music, another movie, literature. You combine this inspiring stuff with your acting and in the end the process brings huge satisfaction.”

I know that you dreamt to become a pianist and not, say, a boy band vocalist. Why?

“Well, first of all, I don’t think that many guys dream to be in such bands. I just wanted to be different. Once I traveled to the south of France and watched people playing the piano in beach restaurants, I was obsessed with the idea of becoming a famous pianist. Also I liked (singer/actor) Tom Waits a lot.(he once played the piano in restaurants) and it seemed to me that a pianist’s life is quite romantic.”

You have become the member of Dior family. Do you attend their fashion shows? What do you think about the brand?

“Right now I am wearing a Dior jacket, I wear it every day. As for fashion shows, I have never been there.”

Are there a lot of suits in your wardrobe or do you prefer jeans?

“I have a lot of suits which I have worn to different events. There are hundreds of them. I have not worn each of them more than once. But on daily basis I only wear three or four items of clothing to be honest”

You travel a lot. Do you have a rider and what’s in it? Some necessary things maybe, to feel comfortable….

“I don’t have a rider. I‘d put a six pack of Heineken there (jokes) and M&M Pretzels, but unfortunately they are no longer sold.”

When you are in a hotel-what is the most likely place to see you-pool, gym or bar?

“My room most likely.”

What are the craziest presents you have received from your fans?

“A few days ago I was given something strange, I have no idea what it was. My dog ate it all, and after that the house smelt terrible. I’d like to know what it was. I was given this present in Switzerland. I thought it was chocolate , but the smell was different. Anyway, my dog liked it.”

I know that long ago you were stalked by a fan and you invited her to a dinner, why did you decide to do it?

“It was such a long time ago. I was 19. The situation was different then, I was not so popular and I can say that she was my only fan. She was very strange. I was bored and decided to ask her to dinner. She took me to her parents’ restaurant but I still had to pay for the dinner!”

You said that at 17 it is easier to feel you are a “cool guy” what did you mean?

“At 17 you don’t know anything, but at that time I thought I was cooler . I don’t know why, may be the reason is teenage stupidity. ”

Do you agree that a person becomes better with age?

” Definitely. At least I hope so. I feel more comfortable with myself now.”

In the past you were a big fan of “Led Zeppelin” and it is in Dior ad. Do you believe in signs?

“Whole Lotta Love» is a wonderful song. We listened to a lot of different songs and decided that this one fits better. Maybe I really have a certain connection to Led Zeppelin.”

How do you prefer to express yourself-through music or words?

“It depends. I used to think that it is easier to express oneself through music, but then I found my calling in acting. But when you speak you have to focus more on how you are pronouncing. I must admit that during the process I have no clue what I am talking about. (laughs)”

You moved from London to LA. How did your lifestyle change? What’s the difference?

“In Los Angeles I drive more and drink less. In London I used to hang out with friends in pubs all the time. One more difference –is in culture. I can say that life is easier in LA. When you get to know the city, you understand that this is a very good city, with wonderful energy.”

How do you start your day here, and in London?

“I think, in both places it is the same- in the morning I read a paper, then wander somewhere all day and in the end I drop on my bed, I have a very simple lifestyle.”

I saw lots of photos of you eating fast food. Don’t you keep to the diet?

“Now I am trying to drop this bad habit. It used to be a lot worse, especially when I first came to Los Angeles. It’s a lot easier to find good cheeseburgers here.”

Do you associate certain moments of your life with smells? Do you have memories related to them?

“My father had Brut fragrance which I still remember.”

Any music related associations?

“A lot of my friends are musicians. Unfortunately, I can’t see them often, but I can listen to their music and it reminds me of the time when I lived in London and this makes me feel better.”

Which concert (musical performance) did you like most?

“Of all the recent concerts Bjork’s performance was incredible. Also a couple of years ago I was really impressed by Van Morrison concert. It was a long time ago but I still remember it. His album Astral weeks is wonderful. And I went to see the rapper ASAP Rocky. ”

You said yesterday that you crashed the car while filming the first scene in the ad. Do you drive dangerously , do you prefer driving fast?

“Yes I do drive quite fast, I don’t know why. But I have never been in a car crash. I am surprised myself . I need to knock on the wood. But I do drive cheap cars, I won’t even be sorry If I crash them”

You are compared to James Dean. Do you see any similarities yourself? maybe you can relate to his phrase “live fast, die young”?

“A little. I think he was a good actor. I think I am more cautious. I prefer to think my actions over. I am not ready to do anything.”

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