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#DiorRob (Scans) Elle Italy -English Translation

ELLE Italy
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 After the Cronenberg film everything is changed. Robert Pattinson is ‘grown up’ and targets quality movies. So much, that he has persuaded a director he adores, Romain Gavras, to work with him to the Dior Homme campaign video, the French Maison which has chosen him as its testimonial. Because life goes on after ‘Twilight’….  By Clementine Goldszal

“ Most important thing is to be cool” .  After five years in the Hollywood eye of the storm, Robert Pattinson has eventually understood it all. The biog revelation just did not happen overnight. We always felt some kind of discomfort in him. Even he himself (maybe he never really tried it before) has hardly managed to hide the feeling to not feel exactly at easy at filming the kind of film which made him a star.

“Before meeting with Cronenberg, who wanted me for Cosmopolis, I always had the feeling I was kind of stumbling among roles I wasn’t exactly choosing. I wasn’t trying hard to go deep into myself and into my possibilities. For the first time, I was chosen for my talent. David  gave me a lot of confidence in myself and this changed completely my approach to be an actor.”

Someone now will be asking, isn’t this a strange moment to become the face of a major perfume house, to lend your face (in exchange for quite a few dollars) to Dior Homme and see your face posted on billboards around the world? Not exactly.

Sure enough, Dior has not been the first griffe to contact ‘RobPtaz’. Many other had previously thought to invest on the huge popularity of the Twilight hero, but it seems that only the venerable French Maison has been able to find the right words to convince him. Or better, the right  ‘word’: freedom.

Pattinson has used this freedom to realize the dream of any actor: to play with Romain Gavras, French underground director with a huge talent….

“It was a year I was trying to get in touch with him, but he would never answer. When Dior called me, I thought to myself ‘I’m sure Romain will accept to work with me on a Dior Commercial’. “ Bingo! Gavras accepts and in one shot he strengthens the blazon and the legitimacy of the actor in terms of art and the very one of the great maison, always seeking the highest credibility.


The film Gavras did is actually a champagne bubble, a cool concentrate of the ‘6o, where Robert Pattinson and top model Camille Rowe frolic around, smoke happily, drive around a vintage sporty BMW on a beach…. A Nouvelle Vague atmosphere, fresh and sensual.

Like a real groupie, the movie star expresses his admiration for Gavras, the ‘anarchist’: “He sees the world in a completely different way from mine. He’s very, very confident. I’m quite more neurotic. My insecurity is difficult to manage, but I care a lot about it, because it’s the only aspect of myself I find interesting.”

However that may be, on Robert Pattinson head weights a big misunderstanding. His love story with Kristen Stewart, the rumors that have shaken the pair until the rupture took place a few months ago, they haven’t certainly made ​​things easier. And he is well aware of it.

“People saw me in a couple of films and decided I was that way. It’s quite normal. It’s my duty to go looking for those directors I would like to work with. And I’m committed to do it, even if it costs much to me to get over my shyness. An episode of a few days ago. I met one of my heroes at a dinner party. The next day I sent him an email to tell him that I liked to work with him. After three hours, without an answer, I was about to send a new message to apologize, like: ’Excuse me, excuse me: I was too cocky’.  Instead, he answered me! ”


Feverish like a girl in love, Robert owns this mix of passion, detachment and extreme lucidity which complicates its daily work.  Again, Cosmopolis and his first experience at the Cannes Film Festival marked a turning point: “I promised myself to do only things that I like.”

It is certainly not easy in the country of the great productions, where experts advised him to ‘build a male audience’. “ “I do not even know what it means to ’build a male audience.’ I cannot force men and boys to go to the cinema to see me,” exclaims amused.

But the young wolf is no longer completely naive and realized that being cool was the necessary condition for independent films to be interested in him. “In fact, it is pure marketing and most important in marketing is consistency. Consistency means rejecting a package of proposals. Well, of course, in this area that is moving fast, you run the risk of continuing to reject projects until the day that no one will propose nothing more. At that point, the only thing possible for me would be applying to participate to Dancing With The Stars. ”

(List of his future praising projects follow)


In short, even if he proves a little twisted pleasure in hiding behind his bumbling character of a tormented geek, Robert Pattinson does not lack a certain determination, and is capable of courageously build a path that is likely to look like him a little too much.

After all, even Leonardo Di Caprio was preceded by the screams of young fans and Brad Pitt showed his pectorals in Thelma & Louise and a few episodes of Dallas long before David Fincher, Neil Jordan or Terry Gilliam gave him the roles of greater substance . No one has kept a grudge to them for that.

And also to Robert Pattinson will be forgiven his having been part of second category of film. Especially since he promises, laughing and under the amused gaze of the new Dior colleagues, to make an effort to change his look: “I really like fashion, but I feel uncomfortable with the idea of being judged by what I wear. But look! I’ve got this Dior jacket, which they gave me as a present and I wear it every day!”

It’s never too late to do the right thing, Rob. We only hope that despite the new and flawless look, however, he will maintain his blunt way of speaking. “A few months ago I started designing clothes for women, haute couture things …”. And suddenly bursts out laughing. “That is the evidence that I was having  a nervous breakdown.” Fragile, moving and irresistibly sexy in spite of everything, from teen idol, Pattinson has become finally a man.

Translation thanks to Roberta! /Via  Tnxs @RPAustralia

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