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#RobDior (Scans) Romain Gavras On Rob And the Dior Homme Ad + New Bts Images

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Scans are from 'Vogue Hommes International'
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Why did you shoot the commercial in black and white?
Robert Pattinson has such an iconic image, that of the dreadfully pale Twilight vampire, a "dark" character living in a world full of colour. By shooting in black and white and cutting his hair shorter than usual, we have produced a modern and yet timeless effect.


How did you approach Robert Pattinson? Did you know him?
No, he put my name foward. He's friends with Harmony Korine, who's also one of my friends. Before you meet him, you imagine all sorts of things associated with huge stars, that he collects swords or walks around stark naked at home, but in fact, he's very professional, very straightfoward, and very normal. He's one of the new breed of stars, who's become famous overnight because of one role in a franchise, and is aware that has two or three years ahead of him to position himself as an genuine actor with real talent. I didn't actually realise before I went onto the set with him just what it meant to be the type of star who creates a riot everytime he goes anywhere. There were paparazzi on top of the nearby buildings and we had to cover the windows so we could work in peace.
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Scans:  @Gossipgyal | Via/Transcript RPlife

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