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Update: Added New "Another Man" Interview - New Jamie Campell Bower Photoshoot (2013)

Another Man
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AnotherMag We talk Hollywood fame and setting forth into the unknown with one of Another Man's men of the moment, Jamie Campbell Bower

It’s difficult to stand out amid the identikit handsome film stars thronging the Hollywood stage, but Jamie Campbell Bower is burning bright. Matching an odd alabaster beauty with a healthy dose of humour, the young actor is “refreshingly candid” in Paul Moody’s interview for the 17th edition of Another Man.

“This business takes rebellious people and turns them into commodities,” he says. “When I was 16, I used to hang out at the Nambucca pub in North London and see The Libertines play live. They were the age I am now, and they were genuinely trying to break down the barriers between performer and audience. It really inspired me. To be honest, I aspire to that far more than starring in the next Hollywood blockbuster. But I’m aware that this industry likes to put people in a box.”

Evading the box and setting forth into unchartered territory is at the heart of the latest issue of Another Man, which is themed around the notion of the modern pioneer. In that spirit, we asked Campbell Bower to name his adventuring essentials and for the song that would soundtrack his journey into the unknown.

Who is your pioneer hero?
David Bowie.

Who would be your ideal companion for an adventure?
My dog Baya.

What are your three essentials for a journey into the unknown?
Fearlessness, excitement and a change of underpants.

What song would you listen to?
Shooting the Moon, by Mona.

Interview by Paul Moody

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