torsdag 5 december 2013

New Kristen Picture (Dec, 4) LA

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So proud of my friend @jilliandempsey new jewelry line! Amazing to see all of our friends wearing and supporting this brilliant line of jewels! #kristenstewart #jilliandempsey #maxfields #brilliant

fashionbi Jillian Dempsey, founder of the beauty brand Delux Beauty, but also known as the actor Patrick Dempsey's wife, is launching a fine jewelry line Jillian Dempsey Jewelry.
The collection will be available starting Wednesday at Maxfield, it will be composed of 18 pieces contrasting between chunky-punk and more delicate classic encrusted diamonds jewels, pricing between $450 to $7,400.
The launch will also be accompanied by the label's website going line.


hairbyadirVia @vonch

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