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Peter Facinelli Joins Aflac to Honor Leaders in Fight Against Childhood Cancer

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 prnewswire (..) "As an actor I have had the chance to play heroes on screen, but families facing the real-life threat of cancer are the true heroes," Mr. Facinelli said. "As a father of three healthy children, I am proud to honor Morgan, Dr. Fish and Abigail for their dedication and commitment to the families they serve and the lives they save."

To help raise funds and awareness around America's unsung heroes, Aflac is asking people to become socially active in the cause.  The company is donating $2 to the Aflac Cancer Center for any duckprints-related social actions taken on various social mediums up to $2 million through December. Related social actions include:
Twitter - $2 for any tweet using the hashtag #duckprints or for retweets of duckprints related tweets
Facebook - $2 for any share of specific posts related to duckprints or using #duckprints
YouTube Views - $2 per every view of the duckprints videos on YouTube . Go to:  duckprints.aflac 

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msn Between jetting from Los Angeles to spend time with his three daughters Luca, Lola and Fiona and filming "Nurse Jackie" and "Glee" in New York, Peter Facinelli has been one busy man! But after helping hand out AFLAC Duckprints awards to childhood cancer honorees in New York on Dec. 18, the "Twilight" star found time to chat
with Wonderwall about his recent romantic vacay with girlfriend Jaimie Alexander, his holiday plans and more! Keep clicking to get the scoop ...

What did you get involved with the fight against childhood cancer?

"When my daughter was younger she was sick and she was in the hospital for a couple of weeks with a fever of an unknown origin and a lot of scary words were thrown around. And they were doing a lot of testing on her. Thankfully, she ended up being OK, but a lot of parents that I met while I was there weren't so fortunate. And a lot of kids that I met during the time we were there weren't as fortunate."

What are you plans for the holidays?

"I'll fly home and be with the kids ... I get to spend Christmas with them. I'm excited about that. My parents are flying in so I'll get a home-cooked dinner from my mom. And my sister is coming in so I'll get to see my nieces and my nephews. I'm excited after flying back and forth doing "Nurse Jackie" and "Glee" to be able to just
be home and not go anywhere for a little bit."

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