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New Fan Pictures of Kristen at Ye Rustic Inn - Jan10, 2014

Around midnight on the 10th of January we were in a bar in LA and lucky found ourselves sitting next to the company of CJ, Alicia, Suzie, Charlotte with her boyfriend and some other guys who enjoyed the evening out. We noticed Kristen not right away among such a crowd. She sat at the back as her friends tried to hide her from prying eyes.

They chatted, laughed, took pictures and danced in their seats. A bit later Alannah and another friend of them arrived. They took their seats at the end of the table and joined the company’s conversation. Then all the guys started to take pictures using Kristen’s and Charlotte’s Iphones. From time to time they went out to smoke. We should mention that Kristen didn’t smoke or drink as well as most of her friends. Suzie and Jack were the first couple who left the bar.

All the guys behaved themselves as any normal young people. They had fun, teasing each other and jumping one on another, tried on caps. In other words, they didn’t stand out against a background. The company left the bar just twenty minutes before closing. In a car Kristen and CJ took seats at the back while Allanah slided into the driver’s seat and Alicia sat next to her

We decided not to ask Kristen for photo as we didn’t want to disturb her and burst into her private life. Actually, all of her friends are very nice guys and they definitely feel comfortable and relax with each other. By the way, the person who made a great impression on us was Alannah. She seemed to be a very nice and even-tempered girl who smiled a lot. robstenru

@_gulendam via @JuliaOs it says K was in bar with friends they were dancing having fun and making pics on K and Charlottes phones, sometimes they were all smoking but K didn't smoke and didn't drink like the rest there weree all cute together and girls were impressed abt how sweet alannah is suzie and jack went away first and K flipped them as goodbye , and then K left with Alicia, Cj and Allanah who was driving. via Twi_Moms

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Source |Via  RobstenDreams 

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