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Robert Pattinson's hidden talent and Kristen Stewart's latest role.

3. Robert Pattinson gets recognized for his “unexpected” musical talents.

R-Patz recognised as one of Hollywood's Most Influential Top Unexpected Musicians

Robert Pattinson is well known for being a brilliant actor and all-round top hunk, but not everyone may know that he's also a talented musician.

The Twilight star was a performer on the soundtracks for both Twilight and How To Be, and his musical endeavours have now been recognised by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

Their new list of Hollywood's Most Influential Top Unexpected Musicians has been released, and R-Patz joins Johnny Depp, Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg on the credits.

The list recognises 'personalities [that] are famous for other accomplishments, but they are also musicians, which goes to show that you can do anything in life and also possess the talent to make music.'

Hear, hear... and congrats!

4. Kristen Stewart’s next project: A film version of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.

Despite her mean face at the Met Gala, Kristen Stewart can get excited about things.

For example, she's clearly bursting with glee (not that kind of Glee) over her next project...and we're not talking about Breaking Dawn.

"I am very much attached to a movie that has been trying to get made forever," she gushes to USA Today. "Not that this is going to help it, but maybe I can just brag a little bit. I am super excited about it, too."

So what's the "big deal" deal she's brokered?

"I am about to play Marylou in On the Road," she confesses.

Filmmakers have long been attempting to bring the Jack Kerouac 1957 classic to the big screen. While both Francis Ford Coppola and Gus Van Sant have been unsuccessful in their attempts, it appears Motorcycle Diaries director Walter Salles is beginning to get the wheels turning in earnest.

Tron: Legacy's Garrett Hedlund and British actor Sam Riley are rumored to be taking over the male leads of Dean and Sal, respectively.

Shooting reportedly begins this summer.

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