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Joan Jett in Metro wkd, translated mentions Kristen

June 4, 2010


Joan Jett: I Lived in a dream.

Tomorrow Joan Jett plays before GreenDay at Ullevi Gothenburg. But she prefers going around in the small towns.

- People get so excited that we come all the way there, plus it is so fun to be able to reach out as much as possible, she says.

Jett has both the concert and a movie coming up in Sweden, even though The runaways won't screen at the cinema.
In the beginning she has second thoughts about making the movie and talks about Hollywoods bad #track record" regarding movies. But since it was personal she'd rather be involved than not.

Do you like the movie?

- It is hard to say yes or no. At least it gives the feeling of what we were going through. And people who knows me says (Kristen) Stewart did a great job, says Joan Jett.

How is it like seeing your life being portrayed?

- Very strange. Bu nice. Some parts are ofcourse exaggerated, but that goes with the film making I suppose.

So how was it during that time?

- I was living in a dream, in a rockband that had the opportunity to tour around the world, and we had incredibly fun. But like in all close groups there are moments of harmony and moments when no one could agree with one an other

You were so young, 15-16 years old, what did your parents say?

- honestly, they didn't know how big it was. My mom drove me to rehersals but never saw the shady sides. I warned her before the movie, says Joan Jett.

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