lördag 14 augusti 2010

Riding 'Twilight'

Their prom holds unexpected terrors for Becca (Jenn Proske, in her movie debut) and Edward (Matt Lanter) in “Vampires Suck,’’ a parody of the “Twilight’’ series.

Boston.Com : Few actresses playing the lead in a Hollywood film would gush with enthusiasm over the prospect of a glitz-free telephone interview to promote their latest project. Then there’s Jenn Proske.

“I can’t believe I’m talking to you,’’ she says with genuine excitement in her voice. “It’s kind of incredible. These past few months have been amazing and crazy.’’
Proske, a California native, graduated from Boston University last year and then moved to Los Angeles to begin the process of looking for work. Most actresses search for years, and few ever get the break they’re hoping for. But just a few months after graduating, Proske auditioned for the film “Vampires Suck,’’ an inevitable “Twilight’’ parody created by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, best known as members of the “Scary Movie’’ writing team who went on to give us “Date Movie’’ and other genre spoofs. With no television or film experience, she landed the role of Becca, (think Bella, the sullen “Twilight’’ heroine played by Kristen Stewart). Last week, she was planning to celebrate her 23d birthday by seeing the finished film — her first time seeing herself on the big screen. The film opens in the Boston area on Wednesday.
Q. The movie probably won’t be a critical smash, but it’s huge for your first role. How on earth did you get this part?
A. It’s a really great combination of an amazing opportunity and somebody taking a risk on me. In February I had a week that was packed with auditions, but the very last one was for “Vampires Suck.’’ I was called in for Iris, which is the Alice Cullen character in the parody. I knew I wasn’t right for it, but I just went in to try and do my best. Two weeks later I was called back for the lead. I had to go in seven or eight times before I officially landed it. I got it on a Friday night, and then flew out to start filming on Tuesday morning. Within four days, my whole life changed.
Q. This is a pretty odd coincidence, but I saw you in a play at BU. It was an adaptation of “Lysistrata.’’
A. No way. You saw “Lizzie Stranton’’? I played an 84-year-old lesbian with a walker. And I got to rap at the end of the show.
Q. Which is probably why you look so much younger than I was expecting.
A. We had a lot of fun.
Q. What did you learn playing an 84-year-old lesbian with a walker that helped you prepare for playing a high school student in “Vampires Suck’’?
A. That whole journey of “Lizzie Stranton’’ was pretty awesome because it was being written while we were rehearsing. When I was cast in the show, my part wasn’t even written yet. We were creating the show in rehearsals. If anything, I learned that if you’re on your toes, free-spirited, and improvise, you might end up creating something really magical and memorable. I learned to have some fun and not take myself too seriously.Continued...

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