onsdag 24 november 2010

Dakota Fanning On The Cover Of 'Sugar'


From Sugarscape
In our interview, Dakota tells us how she still cringes when she looks back at her old films and why she's ready for the world to see her as an adult now. Minus the crooked teeth and dodgy prom dresses, if possible!

Remember that time you had to dress as Little Bo Beep for your Auntie's wedding? You're still haunted by the pictures of you dressed head to toe in frills and tripping over your sheperd's crook, aren't you? The best bit about NOT being a famous celeb is that you can take embarassing pics like that and burn them so that any record of your toe-curling past vanishes. Trouble is, if you're a sixteen year old superstar who has been gracing the red carpet since you were just eleven, your fashion mistakes will follow you EVERYWHERE.

Just ask this issue's gorgeous cover star, Dakota Fanning. It's hard enough to convince the world you're a grown up, but even trickier when they keep seeing you as a little girl. But since she shot to fame as the cute little kid from War of the Worlds, she has shown from her savvy career choices to her awesome fashion decisions that she's pretty blimmin amazing.

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