onsdag 10 november 2010

Kristen & Jella In 'MTV’s ’14 Celeb Cat Ladies Who Defy The Cat Lady Stereotype'

From MTV
When we think of cat ladies, we think of doughy middle aged women with a poof of graying hair. In short, we think of Susan Boyle. The self-professed cat lady has defied cat lady stereotypes and risen from the ranks of batty kitty cuddler to successful singer, releasing her second album, “The Gift,” yesterday. And she’s not alone. Our research shows that there are cat ladies (and cat dudes) hidden throughout the ranks of functioning society. Some, like Susan Boyle, fit the physical stereotype. Others, like Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart, do not.

It makes sense that some of Hollywood’s most successful people are closet cat ladies, what with the ability of cats to act as caretakers, improve their owners’ health and teach everyone how to be kinder, gentler souls. Also, some can play the keyboard really well. So what famous people are hiding in the cat closet, stroking their tabbies? Read on for a list of 14 celebrities who have managed to defy the myth that cat ladies are nothing but kooky old kooks.

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