tisdag 9 november 2010

Robsten's Love Nest In Brazil


Now before you get your Twi-panties in a twist, let us preface: These are shots of Casa Em Paraty, which apparently serves as Edward and Bella's honeymoon house (won't be making that mistake again of posting Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's real love hideaway...like they have in New Orleans).

As you know, Breaking Dawn is currently filming in South America, but unlike those sexy set shots of Rob and Kristen going at it, you won't be getting any peeks of what will be going down on this private island...

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"Security will be much tighter here than when we were filming in Rio earlier in the week," dishes one of our on-the-set sources. "We don't need extras. The scenes are all about Edward and Bella."

"Rob, Kristen and the entire crew have loved mingling with the Brazilian fans, but we want to keep it as private as possible during the next few days of filming. Paparazzi shots give a lot away," adds our grateful insider.

Things will be kept so private in fact, that according to a press conference held by director Bill Condon yesterday, no one on the set is allowed to have any kind of recording device, including cameras or phones, unless they want to face a serious fine.

Apparently today Rob and Kristen are shooting a scene at a waterfall before heading to Casa Em Paraty. Their stunt doubles will be jumping off into the water; then R.Pattz and K.Stew will film the close-up kissing shots.

Would you expect anything less?

With everything we're hearing, we totally have a feeling this movie really will be better than the rest of them!

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