onsdag 29 december 2010

Robert Pattinson's (Weird) Faces

From sugarscape
Who's a pretty boy?

Robert Pattinson is one handsome, handsome man. Sometimes we wonder though if he doesn’t enjoy being handsome and fancies dabbling with a bit of ugliness.

Yes we know that sounds strange, but in recent months Rob has developed an odd habit of pulling weird, unattractive faces on the red carpet.

Don’t believe us? Check these out…

Is he breaking wind here?
Ah, the classic Gurn Claw!
"You're making me do WHAT in Breaking Dawn?!"
At least he's got nice hair...
Drunk hobo chic.

See what we mean Scapers, yeah he's fit, fitter than fit in fact, but he does pull some god-awful faces. Cheers for making us giggle Rob!

Fancy RPatz despite the weirdness or has this put you off him a bit? Comments please!

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