måndag 17 januari 2011

Hollywoodlife: Peter Facinelli "We Have No Free Time Filming #BreakingDawn"


Peter talks to us about his busy ‘Breaking Dawn’ schedule and reveals they are going back to Vancouver!

Peter Facinelli took a break from juggling drinks, texting Jennie Garth, and party-hopping with Robert Pattinson after the Golden Globes last night to talk to us on the InStyle after party’s red carpet. He opened up about what Kristen Stewart and the rest of the Breaking Dawn cast are up to and told us they aren’t done filming in Vancouver yet!

We asked Peter what he and the cast do when they have free time and he answered: “What free time? We don’t have any free time on this one. This one has been a lot of long hours so at the end of the night we go home, close our eyes and then we’re right back in the makeup chair doing it all over again. It’s kind of felt like one long day with naps in between.” Eek! It’s a good thing Rob and Kristen are working together on the film or else they’d never see each other!

Peter also talked to us about Louisiana, Canada, and identifying with Carlisle.

On whether he has a preference between Louisiana and Canada: “I do like working in Louisiana, I was there filming about ten years ago in New Orleans and it’s always fun. I wouldn’t say better or worse. We’re actually going to Vancouver at some point in production we will be shooting there as well. We hadn’t shot in Baton rouge yet so I think its exciting for us to be able to visit a new place and see some new scenery.”

On if he is similar to Carlisle: “I’m a dad so I know what its like to be that. I hope I have some compassion like Carlisle has and he’s a leader so I hope I have some leadership qualities. So yeah I identify with him.

When asked to confirm if they are currently filming in Baton Rouge Peter coyly said “We film somewhere in the South vicinity. I won’t disclose anywhere.” Sorry guys we tried!
Peter was very friendly to speak with and although he may not have tons of free time right now, we are grateful for all of his hard work as it is giving us two more amazing Twilight movies!

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