fredag 25 februari 2011

Looks like Rob parents are in Vancouver!


@victoria1985 : Here's the girl's story for those who don't have access to the LJ:

"I was coming out of a shop this afternoon (less than an hour ago actually!) and just as I was walking out I caught the side profile of this older couple. For some reason they looked vaguely familiar (it was his Dad's strong profile that did it, lol)- and then I realized it was Robert Pattinson's PARENTS!

Hahaha- I am heartily and thoroughly MORTIFIED to say that I snapped a quick photo of them as I window shopped behind them for a block (thinking it would be welcomed by everyone on the blog here- even though my camera is crap)... and then they soon turned into a Keihl's where I just couldn't resist and ducked in too (feeling like such a weirdo, I can't even tell you. I was like- ooh, lip balm, well of COURSE i need lip balm!) Hahaha, I promise you I just wanted to hear whether or not they had the English accent, then I knew it would be without a doubt his folks. Plus- how often do you get to listen in briefly on the Pattinson family, right? ;)

So I went to sincerely try out lip balms while his Mom and Dad just happened to walk up close behind me and ask the counter clerk if they had anything soothing since she happened to have a cold. Something was said about how long they were in town and the answer was 'just 3 days'. And so they had a bit more of a chat, paid for something and went to the door. Then outside they ended up turning back and walking back in the direction I also needed to go (which was home) and so I ended up (this time innocently enough! lol) behind them again for a block or two.

His parents by the way- seem to be totally in love- his Dad had his arm gently resting against his wife's waist the majority of the time they were walking outside, and I easily got the impression in the shop that he dotes on his wife with a huge amount of warmth and affection. (he does seem like a sweet Dad to have!).I also got the impression that she is the one who wears the pants in the family- lol, but in a polite "I'm a women, of course I should be treated as a queen" kind of a way and duh! I think she's got that right. ;) And they were of course, both very polite. (They're English lol)

So anyways- sorry for rambling- that's my rPatz-ish spotting of the day! The city can hardly expect to see any glimpse of the son, so seeing the parents was sweet and thrilling enough. I hope the weather behaves for the rest of their time here! (Right now freezing and shockingly sunny- mountains look gorgeous rising up behind the city with their snow.) Heather"

pic via @FePattz

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