fredag 18 februari 2011

Pics + Fan Encounter with Peter Facinelli

My Lips Are Three Degrees Separated From Robert Pattinson's Neck


Last February, I was thrilled to learn that Peter Facinelli was going to be hosting a charity autograph signing event in my area. Just to clarify, “my area” pretty much means anywhere a tank of gas will take me. So, Twifixx, Twi-daughter Nicole, our friend Allye, and I hopped into the Flying Stalkermobile (as ZAnyMouse has lovingly nicknamed my car) and headed off to Rancho Cucamonga (yes, this is the name of a real place) to meet Papa Cullen.

He signed my New Moon book and explained that anyone could look at it later and know it’s authentic because he drew the little vampire teeth by his name. I tend to ramble in the presence of celebrities and as I was telling him how much I admired his charity work, he said I was cute and kissed my hand! (probably just to shut me up)
Do you know what this means??!! There are only three degrees of separation between my lips and Robert Pattinson’s neck!
Here’s how I see it:

*Peter bit Rob’s neck to turn Edward into a vampire in Twilight

*Peter kissed the back of my hand

I touched the back of my hand to my lips (don’t judge)
See? I’ve practically been intimate with Rob. In hindsight, I probably could have just asked Peter to bite my neck (cause that wouldn’t have been weird at all), but I want Edward to be the one to change me.

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