söndag 6 februari 2011

Summary + Video of Tinsel Korey from @twi_tour San Francisco

Tinsel brought Wombie. She talks to him through out the Q&A. It’s hilarious!

Tinsel said the crowd needs to be more energetic. So she had @TroysMyAngel accompany her on stage. They walked everyone through the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 game. Basically, you shake your left hand 8 times, right hand 8 times, left leg 8 times, and right leg 8 times. You do that same thing for each of the counts. So next would be 7 times, and so on. It was fun. Once you get down to 3 count sets, you’re moving a lot faster!

Tinsel told us a story about how she was sick while she was at The Official Twilight Convention in Seattle. She was pretty sick and took cough medicine to help her feel better. It was working, so she took a little more. But then all of a sudden, she felt like she was floating! She kept diverting all the questions to Julia during the Q&A session. And after wards, she had to lie down for a bit. She said she felt “totally floaty.” But she didn’t give the name of the cough syrup because she doesn’t want anyone to try it.

Question (Q): How was it making out with Chaske? Answer (A): She made some slurpy noises, LOL. She said it was delicious! LOL.

(Q): How is your music career going? (A): She said it is going really well. She just released her first single “Letter” which is available on iTunes & Amazon! It’s been a little rough getting the single on the radio because she’s doing it independently, but she hopes to get it out there. She has a ton of songs and would like to get more of them out.
(Q) Can you tell us a little bit about ‘SoBe Real’? (A) She said that she liked the idea of doing the film because she got to live in Miami for a month! She said the cast was super awesome and it is an independent film. It’s sort of ‘Sex & The City’ in Miami.
Her favorite dessert is cupcakes!!!

Tinsel loves twitter because it gives her a chance to express her thoughts and also gives people a chance to get to know her better.

Tinsel has great advice for actors who are just starting out, basically like an Acting 101. You can check out all the information on her myspace at myspace.com/TinselKorey.
Her favorite holiday is Christmas! Thank goodness, since her name is Tinsel!!
Her favorite super hero is Lara Croft!

Favorite tv shows: I Love Lucy (me too!), Southpark, & Boondocks.

Favorite fan experience. She named two. She said that getting to know @AudreyMadison has been a great experience. Audrey is really inspiring and does a ton of great things like coat drives. The second fan was Lauren. She’s from Scotland (or Ireland, sorry…I didn’t catch it) and went to Tinsel’s birthday party last year at Chuck-E-Cheese in Arizona. She did Lauren’s accent and everything!

She also talked about her style. She said that she’d like to dress up more, but it doesn’t give her the freedom to move around and be silly. She’s wearing a hoodie and jeans. She described her style as a 13-year old girl’s. LOL. But she really likes the Audrey Hepburn era where women dressed up really nice. But overall, her style is eclectic. She doesn’t pay attention to labels. She mentioned a brand that gives profit sharing to the factory workers who make the clothes, but I forgot who it was. Sorry!

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