tisdag 24 maj 2011

Kristen Stewart On Glamour UK Magazine's List


From source: Thedeadbolt
Given how Kristen Stewart has stylishly matured beyond The Twilight Saga with new fashion choices for public appearances, it wasn’t a surprise that Stewart was recently voted the third best dressed in 2011 by Glamour magazine.
According to Glamour U.K., Breaking Dawn star Kristen Stewart landed in the number three spot on the Glamour list of best dressed women of 2011. Although Kristen Stewart usually dresses down in sneakers, a hoodie, and jeans when off camera, Stewart recently raised her high end fashion game for various red carpet events, which helped propel Kristen into the number three spot on Glamour’s Best Dressed list.

Although Kristen Stewart secured the third spot on Glamour magazine’s Best Dressed Women of 2011 list, Stewart fell behind Cheryl Cole of The X Factor in second and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson in the number one spot.

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