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New! More Pics And Fan Account Of Rob On #Cosmopolis Set (July 7/8)


"I wanted to share with you & your loyal Robstenation followers about my experience as a set-warrior in Rob-world.
My friend, MLP and I started our Rob-crusade on Thursday, July 7 at 630am that lasted until Friday, July 8 at 10pm.
During this time we both only had a 40 minute catnap after meeting Rob and then went straight to the office for a full day's work.

I will share some moments that happened overnight:
A guy and his girlfriend/wife approached our group of about 30 people to ask who we were waiting for. At this point there were 2 different groups of fans. Our group sat or stood directly across the street from Rob's trailer. The 2nd group waited on the corner behind Rob's trailer. When the guy asked his question for some reason mostly everyone turned their heads to respond to him. I chose to ignore him. At that exact moment Rob came out of his trailer and walked into the building for the interior shot on the 2nd floor with Dean right by his side. Only a few of us saw Rob walk into the building. Most of our group did not have their cameras ready as they were distracted by this anonymous guy. Well, the group became upset and started accusing him of being a plant to distract them. His girlfriend said that he was not a plant and was only annoying most times. Then I said "He just clearly proved that point!" This couple quickly left the area as the fans were upset with his interruption. This will teach him to approach a group of females! LOL.
~I still scratch my head with confusion as the production allowed so many of us to be in such close proximity to Rob and his trailer. I am surprised that Dean did not ask for us to be moved. We sat across the street from Rob all night.
~The set broke for dinner at around midnight. A production female (only 3 in total that I saw that night) actually told us this info. We did not feel creepy or awkward as the production did not seem bothered by the fans at all. We decided to take a couple of pictures. One we took in front of the trailer while Rob, Kristen and Bear were enjoying their dinner. The 2nd picture we took in front of the alley that Rob runs through and into the street where we are standing. I can't wait to see this scene in the movie. The other fans laughed at us while we took the pictures. The production people did not seem too concerned about our proximity either. Of course if we were told to go back to the other side of the street, we would have without hesitation. I don't think we were bothering anyone by doing this. Do we seem joyous and happy to be there?
~It was disheartening when we were told to move as they needed to set-up another shot. Rob's trailer was moved too. All 50 fans eventually had a sit-in across his trailer the rest of the night. For such a large group we were very quiet, calm and respectfull. We listened to all the production's requests such as to make no sound during the actual shoot and to not use flash photography. My camera flash went off as Rob walked from his trailer. It was a total accident that I did not repeat the rest of the night. The fans jumped all over me and I apologized profusely for my mistake. I apologized to the production guy too. I am thankful that they were not actually filming a scene when I had a brain blip.
~The group kept themselves in check by calling out to anyone that was breaking the boundary (see above). We all knew that it would only take 1 person to ruin it for everyone else and the production would and could ask everyone to leave. 3 girls moved behind Rob's SUV and they were promptly called to moved by members of the group so as not to jeopardize our chances.
~I found it very interesting that our group sat in a semi-circle facing towards the set and not facing Rob's trailer. It was like being at an ourdoor concert with several rows of people except no one shouted out to Rob everytime he passed by with Dean. Rob never acknowledged us. There was no screaming or carrying on.
~Dean would periodically scan the group throughout the night and did not speak to us. Our number was not decreasing and everyone seemed committed to stay until the very end as we knew it was the final location shoot.
~We all thought there was absolutely no chance that Rob would meet with such a large group as Kristen and Bear would also be waiting. We expected the royal wave and quick getaway.
~Rob exited his trailer at 5AM and jumped into the back seat of his awaiting SUV. The crowd made a loud groan. The loudest we had been the entire night. Dean says in a loud and STERN voice "Relax, he is coming to you." Rob and Dean retreats behind his trailer and re-appears at the back end of the trailer. Then the moment happened we had all been waiting for: a face to face meeting with Rob!
~I included a picture from Rob's back because before he started his meet and greet, Dean used his STERN voice again "Everyone stay on the sidewalk." It is clear (and funny) that we listened and stayed on sidewalk. The other fan pictures that I have seen makes it appear like the group was crowding around Rob but for the most part we didn't. Dean was in control.
~Believe it or not but I was not nervous at all when I met Rob. I thought I would be frantic but it was the total opposite. He was calm and I was calm even when he looked into my eyes and said "HI". He was so sweet, gracious and soft-spoken. I asked him to sign my daughter's Twilight book. I didn't need anything for myself. My goal was to meet Rob with pictures. I had to spell Katarina about 3 times. He was giggling and repeated the letters as I was saying them. He concentrated so hard to get her name right. Rob must have been exhausted. The group must have been exhausted but we were all alert and bright-eyed! It was totally worth the wait of 7 and a half hours.

~Rob made sure EVERYONE was taken care of and paused in front of the group at the end. Dean reprimanded some fans that tried to meet Rob again.
~Rob slipped into the SUV and opened the door just enough to fit through as Kristen was already waiting inside. Did he do this so no pictures could be taken? Probably but I don't blame him in the least.
~We thanked Rob. We thanked Dean. We said hi to Kristen when Rob opened his car door.
~I will treasure this EPIC moment of meeting Rob and also seeing Kristen and Bear made it extra special. The previous missed opportunities happened for a reason for our meeting to FINALLY happen on his 60th day in Toronto. My time was quickly running out but I did it. Why did Rob and Dean (as I am totally convinced he was involved in the decision-making process) decide to accommodate such a large group is beyond me. Were we rewarded for good behaviour? Did Rob want to thank his Toronto fans knowing it was the last location shoot? I am curious to know but so incredibly happy and grateful that Rob met with me and the entire group. Awesome experience!"

ElizabethMC Robstenation

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