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OTRC:Jackson Rathbone Interview "Kristen Stewart Left 'Twilight' Stars' Breathless In #BreakingDawn Wedding Scene

Kristen Stewart left 'Twilight' stars' breathless in 'Breaking Dawn' wedding scene, Jackson Rathbone says

Kristen Stewart rendered her "Twilight" co-stars breathless as they watched her walk down the aisle in Bella Swan's dress while filming the highly-anticipated wedding scene in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," cast member Jackson Rathbone says.
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The 26-year-old actor plays Jasper Hale, the brother of her character's vampire love interest, Edward Cullen, who is portrayed by Robert Pattinson. "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" is the fourth installment of the vampire romance series and depicts the consequences of the union between Swan and Cullen.

Warning - potential spoiler alert!
"The wedding scene is just absolutely stunningly beautiful," Rathbone told "Whenever Kristen walked down as Bella in the wedding dress, we ... couldn't breathe. It was just one of those amazing moments, where as an actor, you just don't have to do anything but just be there."

Rathbone made his comments during a satellite interview to promote his new Web series, "AIM High," which premiered on Wednesday, October 19 on Facebook and depicts the life of a high school student who leads a secret life as a spy.
The actor also referenced another anticipated scene many "Twilight" fans are itching to watch.
"Yes, in the honeymoon scene, we get to finally see what we've all been waiting for - some boot-knockin,'" Rathbone said.

The "Twilight" films are based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer. "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" hits theaters on November 18, while the second part of the final film is set for release on Nov. 16, 2012.

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