torsdag 8 december 2011

Exclusive Interview with the 100 Monkeys By @PatStewBoneCT + Live Concert Videos

1. What special feature, in your opinion, shall have singers and musicians, to succeed in today's musical landscape ?
2. I have to admit I'm really impressed by your performance on stage, especially during the improvised songs.
You are, according to me, one of the few bands, if not the only one, to do this kind of thing. How do you do to be synchro with the music ? And Jackson, where do you find your inspiration ? Do you have a secret ?
3. Are there artists whom you would love to work with ? And do you know French bands or singers whom you would like to work with ?
4. (For Uncle) You are the eldest of the band; do you feel like the most responsible and a little bit like the father of the other members ? Are they wise or boisterous ?
5. (For Jerad) You have produced the movie ''Girlfriend'' with the help of your wife. Does producing appeals to you ? And why did you choose that movie particularly ? Do you have other production projects in the future ?
6. What do you plan after this European Tour ?
7. I think that, generally, people always ask you the same questions during the interviews, is there one question that people never asked you ?
8. Do you know some sentences in French ?
9. (For Jackson) Many fans are unhappy about not being able to watch the episodes of "Aim High" on the web, because Cambio broadcasts the videos only for US Residents. Is there a DVD release or an unblocking of the online videos planned for the abandonned fans ?

Pics: Here | Watch Live In Paris Videos: Here

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