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100 Questions With 100Monkeys


From source:  PattyStewBoneCity
Jackson Rathbone
1. What do you eat while you’re in tour?
Anything except truck stop sandwiches… fool me once…
2. Where are some of the awkward places you have slept?
Slept under a desk my entire senior year of High School. Truth. Ask Ben.
3. How do you entertain yourself while travelling between cities?
Playing guitar with my friends.
4. What’s the score?
The Score is the last feature film Marlon Brando was in before he passed away.
5. When do you do your laundry?
When I start smelling like a goat.
10. Did video kill the radio star?
Yes, and radio killed the Vaudeville star.
11. Stick or Automatic?
13. Do you like bad weather?
Love it.
15. Who are you going to be next Halloween?
Myself dressed as someone else.
22. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
23. Why did you take up entertainment?
No other choice.
25. How did you do on your first drivers test?
99%. Boo yah.
29. What are some books you read as a child?
The entire Hardy Boy catalogue, Lord of the Rings series, Chronicles of Narnia, and the Indian and the Cupboard series… That’s why my eyes are so bad…
32. What’s you most recent tattoo and where did you get it?
Last line from “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by TS Eliot circling my right bicep.
34. Chocolate or vanilla?
35. Did you play any sports as a kid?
Soccer, baseball, football, track, golf, tennis and basketball.
36. Hamburger or Hotdog?
37. Do you know any good knock knock jokes?
Knock knock. (Who’s there?) The interrupting cow. (The interrupting cow wh-) Moo!!!!!!!!!
38. If you could name a city what would you name it?
Happy Town.
39. Barbecue or hot sauce, that’s right you have to pick?
BBQ sauce… I’ll spice it up anyway.
40. Which came first : the Chicken or the egg?
41. Do you drink diet soda?
Don’t drink soda.
42. Which is heavier : a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers?
Literally, a pound is a pound. That’s a trick question. They’re the same. Metaphorically though, a pound of feathers weighs more.
43. Are you a good driver?
Hell yeah.
44. Have you ever hitch hiked?
Had to once when my car broke down in the middle of Texas.
45. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Watching Jersey Shore with ThWilla!
46. Do you have any phobias?
Don’t like large crowds.
47. If you have a headache what medicine do you take?
A bottle of water.
48. Do know a cure for the hiccups?
A punch in the face.
49. Do you know how chameleons work; can you guess?
I would guess lazily. I never see them working.
50. Do you speak a language other than English?
51. Which hand do you brush your teeth with?
52. Which shoe do you put on first?
I wear boots.
53. Collared shirt or tee?
Collared shirt.
54. In your opinion which decade had the best fashion?
55. Do you or have you had any piercings?
Had my left ear pierced by Spencer Bell with an apple and a nail…Also, had a tongue ring from 18 to 20.
56. Have you ever broken a bone?
My pinky. I’m hardcore.
57. Do you believe in aliens?
58. Do you believe in ghosts?
In a sense… the sixth sense.
59. How would you describe the flavor of eggs?
Needs salt and pepper.
60. If you ordered a pizza right now what would you put on it?
Pepperoni and bell peppers.
61. Any run ins with the law?
62. What is your dominant hand?
63. What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Crest cinnamon burst.
64. How do you cook your steak?
Still moo-ing.
65. I’m playing the lottery today, what are some lucky numbers?
4 and 7.
66. Do you wear sunglasses at night?
67. You get to come up with a new Holiday. What is it?
Billie’s holiday… for jazz.
68. Can you name two fast food chains with names that rhyme?
Wendy’s and Chuck E Cheese.
69. Would you rather give or receive?
70. What do you drink on the airplane?
Bloody Mary(s).
71. How do you take your eggs?
Sunny side up.
72. If you were a clown what would your name be?
Insane Clown Person.
73. What’s something that makes you smile?
Nearly everything.
74. Do you use chapstick?
Playing harmonica lends itself to chapped lips… so, yes.
75. Chopsticks or fork?
76. Do you use fountain pens?
Sure do.
77. Are you good at Sudoku?
Never quite got it.
78. Do you play crossword puzzles?
79. Will you drink milk after the expiration date?
80.Coke or Pepsi?
Don’t drink soda.
81. Do you collect anything?
Instruments and memories.
82. What is the last thing you forgot?
What was the question?
83. Cans or bottles?
84. Have you ever tried to grow a plant?
…Yes… Diddn’t go well.
85. What is the name of an author you’re read recently?
Paulo Coehlo.
86. What is the deadliest insect you know of?
Daddy Long Legs.
87. Would you try fugu (poison puffer) fish?
88. Skydive?
89. Do you have your wisdom teeth?
Yes. In a jar.
90. What do you keep in that tiny pocket inside the bigger pocket on the right side of your pants?
Guitar picks.
91. Window or Aisle?
Isle. Or the aisle.
92. Where would you like to go next?
93. Hold your breath, how long did you make it?
I don’t know cuz I passed out…
94. Are you superstitious?
No… Except for walking under ladders and breaking mirrors…
95. What is the last thing you fixed with duct tape?
My car.
96. What do you do to stay in shape?
One million pushups a day.
97. What was your first job?
Summer janitor at my high school.
98. What is the name of the first album you purchased?
The Source Presents : Hip Hop Hits, Vol. One.
99. What is the first concert you attended?
The Moody Blues.
100. Why do fools fall in love?
I fall in love ten times a day.

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Source: via JacksonRathboneOnline

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