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Added Portraits: What Excites 100 Monkeys? from "Sundance Film Festival"

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What Excites 100 Monkeys? Funk Rock Sensation Uses HzO WaterBlock™ at Sundance Film Festival 

What Excites 100 Monkeys? Funk Rock Sensation Uses HzO WaterBlock™ at Sundance Film Festival - on ITbriefing.net

Los Angeles funk rock band 100 Monkeys delighted audiences at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, with their hybrid blues and 60s rock sound while using amazing WaterBlock™ technology by HzO to allow electronics to operate underwater.

Playing songs from albums Liquid Zoo and Alive and Kickin, the band—which is known for improvising a song based on audience participation in every performance—made history by asking attendees at their exclusive show inside the Fender Music Lodge to text their suggestions to tablets and smartphones that had been submerged in water for hours. WaterBlock™, a proprietary technology that invisibly seals electronics from the inside out, protected the tablets and smartphones. 
The devices have no mechanical wraps or cases, no spray-on exterior treatment, no plasma coatings, no expensive seals, “O” rings and plugs. The New York Times called WaterBlock™ “the most astonishing” technology at the recently concluded International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. ABC hailed it as “technology at its best.” And the CES itself awarded HzO its Innovation Design and Engineering Award.

“No more running from the rain,” said Jackson Rathbone, lead singer of 100 Monkeys, showing off the WaterBlock™ phones to a packed house. “This technology is not only going to revolutionize the way we listen to music, it’s going to change the way it’s played. We’ll never fear the water again.” 

“HzO is a game changer. There is no other technology like this anywhere,” said Paul Clayson, president and chief executive of HzO. “WaterBlock™ completely seals electronics at the molecular level without affecting the aesthetics or weight of the device. You don’t even know it’s there. The sealant is non-toxic and inert to salts, acids, and other corrosives. It withstands temperature extremes and does not cause electronic devices to retain heat. WaterBlock™ is also effective on flexible components, such as ribbon cables and connectors.” 

Source Via/ Portraits: JRonline

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