onsdag 1 februari 2012

(HQ) Dakota Fanning Elegant in see-through dress


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  1. she is, for her age, a good actress and see well out in this clothes. yes we ´can see a little more of her scin, but t's not the big fact of the oicture. i thijnking more, that we can dream f.e. to dance with a person like her, and the dress would at this moment generous and spicy.

    as a hobby semi-photographer, i must say, too, that the aura of the photo, is very well to the inventar and location , like she is summoned to this place. i like it well to see this, and i hope it is of the actress a good point in live event that she dressed with it. or it is PR only, and she get a good still in it for a cloth company or interiör/inventar shop. good feeling with it.

    thx for the posting ;-)

    sorry for anonym comments, but not useing sozial network yet, or an own site


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