torsdag 23 februari 2012

(Photo) Fan Ecounter with Kristen from Australia


My fan encounter with Kristen Stewart. 
We met her on the red carpet after 7 hours in the rain and wind, fighting with Taylor fans about how much better Kstew is then him. She came up to us and i asked her to sign my phone, she happily obliged. I then got a photo with her. my hand was shaking so badly on her back, i felt like such an idiot hah. I reached over and touched her hand, she touched my other hand and leaned in so she could hear me talk. 
 “This is going to sound wierd.. but can you write on my arm please?” She laughed, said sure and wrote “KS X”. I told her she was beautiful. Her reaction? “Aw! Your pretty!” It was at this point i started crying :) I wasn’t ready for the night to end, so i ran down to the other end of the red carpet, got on my tippie toes and screamed “YOU WERE AMAZING AS JOAN, KRISTEN!” She looked up at me, waved and said “Oh, hey. THANKS!” with an adorable smile. 
She was so beautiful, more beautiful then in photos. I was slightly surprised at how skinny and short she was, but apart from that, shes perfect. Yes, she was wearing THAT necklace ;D hah Best moment of my life, Thank you Kristen Stewart.

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