tisdag 10 april 2012

News on "Girlfriend" Jackson Rathbone


The official Girlfriend facebook page has posted some good news about the movie lately:
1) Distributor Strand Releasing will release Girlfriend in the US on DVD and On Demand this summer 2012 (exact day TBA).
2) The movie is about to be available on Netflix, so you can save it to the queue here.
3) Girlfriend will be featured at Sonoma International Film Festival on April 14th and 15th. Check out more details here.
4) It will also be featured in conjunction with a Columbia University research project entitled “The Future of Disability Studies”, and preceded by a panel of keynote speakers. For more information on this project, click here. Further screening details are pending, and all details are subject to change. This event will be open to the public, and admission is free, however capacity is extremely limited. More info about the screening here.

Via JRonline

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