lördag 23 juni 2012

EW: 'Family Guy': Kellan Lutz of 'Twilight' to play Meg's crush

Kellan Lutz is jumping from Forks to Quahog: The Twilight star and future Tarzan will become romantically entangled with the Griffin family on an upcoming episode of Family Guy, EW has learned. According to Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann, Lutz voices a stud on the high-school football team who is the subject of Meg’s “Burt Bacharach-backed sexual fantasies.” The hunky jock does agree to go on a date with Meg, “but he’s interested in another member of the Griffin family — and it’s not one of the women,” hints Hentemann. And in case you’re wondering how the recording session went, Hentemann reports that Lutz “got into the role and walked that line perfectly. He was great. He was very handsome.” The episode airs this fall when the animated comedy returns to Fox for its 11th season. ew

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