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MyAnna Buring Talks About 'Downton Abbey' & Becoming A Vampire


From source: Pagetopremiere
 Each Friday from now through the fall, the Twilight fansites will be introducing you to the Cullen family’s vampire allies from ”The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” Today we are featuring MyAnna Buring, who plays the Denali Coven leader, Tanya, who happened to have a thing for Edward Cullen long before Bella Swan was even born.

 Q: A lot of people who are cast talk about the very first time they see themselves in their red or gold contacts, and that’s the first time they really felt like a vampire. Can you describe what it was like for us the very first time you saw yourself all decked out in your vampire gear?
 MyAnna Buring: It was amazing. I think that’s the first moment that I really, truly, believed that I was doing the film. Because all of it, you know, you have this build up when you get the part and you can’t quite believe it’s true then, and then you arrive and you still can’t quite believe it’s true then. The idea of you becoming a vampire, or becoming part of this incredible group of vampires that’s described in Stephanie’s films, it’s such a far fetched notion in a way, and then all of a sudden as soon as the contacts go in, it’s a reality. Suddenly you are able to see yourself as apart of that group, if you will, and it’s amazing feeling.

 Q: Congrats on being cast in Downton Abbey. Can you tell us a little about that part and when you are starting to work on it?
 MyAnna: I’ve already started working on it. I play a maid who joins the rest of the staff downstairs. She causes a bit of mischief and I’m very excited to be playing, her name is Edna, and I’m thrilled, really.

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