fredag 31 augusti 2012

MetroCanada: The summer movies you missed while at the cottage #Cosmopolis & Rob Mentions (New Still?)

I Guess The Still Is New: Photobucket Technically summer ends on September 21, but for the Reel Guys the silly season is over the day the Toronto Film Festival guidebook comes out. From that point on they pack away memories of air conditioning movies and begin prep for Oscar season. This week Richard and Mark wistfully look back at the season that gave us 94 days of popcorn and fun flicks.

His failure to launch this summer is one of those career misfires that can be hard to come back from, but he’s talented (and Canadian) so I hope he gets another chance. What caught your eye this summer?
MB: Speaking of hunks, if anyone told me Robert Pattinson would star in one of my favourite movies of the summer, I would have thought they were crazy. But I thought David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis was a masterpiece — a frigid, talky flick that plays like a grad thesis, but a masterpiece nevertheless. What’s your take on it, Richard?
RC: I really liked Cosmopolis but the thing that really tickled me was the idea of tween Twilight fans sneaking in and having their minds blown. Pattinson’s prostate exam was probably the stuff of a few fan’s nightmares… or dreams. More accessible was Lola Versus with Greta Gerwig. Natural and funny, for me this was the summer’s little movie that could.
MB: Loved Lola Versus! It’s the movie Woody Allen might have made if he were 30 today. I was never a Greta Gerwig fan until this movie but it felt like it was written just for her. Now, how about People Like Us? A rare movie about brother/sisterly love. I cried at the last scene and could not leave the theatre.

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