lördag 25 augusti 2012

This Week's Social Media Power Rankings: Thank to Rob! (Gucci)

theatlanticwire  The social media sphere is an increasingly noisy place, especially for brands. But hiding somewhere in the static are strong signals from companies reaching their customers in innovative ways. The Social Business Index from Dachis Group provides a (free) real-time ranking of more than 30,000 global brands based on their social performance. Every week we're taking a tally of who's getting heard, what they're saying, and why it matters.

This week's Top 20 stayed solid for the most part. As you can see, Procter & Gamble seems to be slipping, and Facebook broke out of its tie with Electronic Arts last week. But outside of the top 20, here are this week's top movers:

PPR can thank one big Twilight star for its jump this week. You see, PPR owns Gucci brand, and it just so happens that one heartbroken Robert Pattinson wore a Gucci suit while at the premiere of his film this week. According to Marshad, "Gucci's post on Cosmopolis premiere (with Pattinson), garnered more than 30,000 Likes, 1,000 Shares, and nearly 600 Comments. " Never underestimate the power of RPatz.

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