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(Video) Mark Cosmetics Interview: Ashley Greene "How Ashley Greene is using beauty to empower women"

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Photobucketsheknow   SheKnows was recently invited to hang out with Ashley behind the scenes of her photo shoot with Mark Cosmetics.
On the set of her photo shoot for Mark's most recent M.Powerment campaign, Ashley Greene gave us the low down on the beauty and the cause. Plus, she relives her best red carpet moment ever!

During our beauty chat with Ashley Greene, we found out what drives Ashley's style and how she and Mark Cosmetics are setting out to empower women and end relationship abuse.

In order to do so, Mark is promoting one of their classic lipsticks, M.Powerment Petal, a shade that Ashley concocted herself. One-hundred percent of the net proceeds will go toward ending partner violence.

"There's something about putting on a lip shade... it makes me feel more powerful."
"They came to me and I learned about M.Powerment and what Mark was about: being beautiful inside as well as out. It's been a really great partnership," Ashley told SheKnows on a break between shots.

 "They brought a whole bunch of different shades and I chose two and mixed them together. I didn't want to make it too pinky or too dark. It came out great and I think the fact that it goes to such a great cause and you can take a lipstick and actually help women who are being abused and end the cycle of dating abuse and violence is a really wonderful thing."
What makeup empowers Ashley?
"There is something about putting on a lip shade. Whenever my lips pop, it makes me feel a little bit more powerful and a little bit more present."

As for fall and the colors Ashley will be breaking in, "Definitely berries," she said. "I'm looking forward to that. A lot of burnt orange and brown."

As for her wardrobe, she is just as excited as we are to break out our cozy sweaters and scarves. And jewelry! No matter what the season, Ashley says that's not changing for her. "I always have jewelry." For a simple, classic girl like her, it's the easiest way to give your favorite styles the extra push toward fashion forward.

Who are Ashley's style icons?
So, we weren't surprised that she has a big style crush on Audrey Hepburn. "I think that she was so classic and so beautiful and never contrived and always hit the mark." Who could disagree? Not us.

"Audrey Hepburn is my go-to. [She was] never contrived and always hit the mark."

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