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Exclusive 38 *NEW* fanphotos and 6 videos of R & K from BD2 London premiere. Thanks @Mijaloow for sharing !!!

The following pics, video and story belongs to @Mijaloow who was nice to share it with GossipDance.

Make sure you Credit/Source her if you repost it!


This video includes Rob signing for them, and when he was getting rushed to the podeum, she called for him and reached out her hand and he grabbed it :) 
source: http://youtu.be/Eg7gcxYTxUM

Rob at the podeum, right after he signed for them :) And Kristen approaching them!
source: http://youtu.be/fBqoft9T-Bo

Rob at the podeum, and Kristen still signing for them!

Kristen signing for them :)
source: http://youtu.be/qNDAP6GTcGo

Kristen at the stage
source: http://youtu.be/Xd59EzjHJd4

And Rob and Kristen leaving the theatre, together :)

Read about Mijas experience:

My BD2 London premiere!

I flew to London from Sweden early Monday morning. I arrived at the que around midday and got number 56 in line. After two days of sleeping out on the pavement and hanging out with some really awsome people, making new friendships and sharing stories with people with the same interest, Wednesday finally came!

We were a lot of people by wednesday morning. I heard that there where around 2500 in line at that time. Around midday we where told to stand in number order and to be ready to get let in behind the pens. That last hour was nervwracking, I was so nervous that one decision could either make the evening perfect or distroy it. It is a matter of luck because you never know where they will end up stopping to sign and take pics. When we where let in we where told to walk, not run. Jeanette, Jess and I had decided to stand together with some other people but we ended up splitting up. They wanted us to stay in front of the press, but Jeanette and I wanted to stay close to the podeum/scene that they where gonna be standing on. We also thought that we would had a good view over the whole carpet. I didn't wanna have something signed and then not seing anything of the evening. So we decided to stay where we where. It was a tough decision, but it ended up being the right one!

We where let in around 1-1,30 pm and after that we had to stand up and not being able to leave our spot. It was very very cold! We had made two signs: One saying "Thank you Twilight for bringing us together" with a Swedish, Norwegian and english flag on it. The other one said "3 Days out in the Brittish winter weather just to meet you" with pictures of Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephanie Meyer from LA premiere. I also had a Swedish flag that I hung in front of me. When waiting journalists interviewed us, press took lots of pictures of us and our signs and the security came up to us saing those where very good signs and that would make them (R/K/T) come up to us. They also said that we had the best spot by the red carpet. Jeanette and I had a good feeling about the evening, but I had never ever expected it to end up the way it did!

At 5 p.m the live stream started. It was all very exciting and surreal! There where so many people there I couldn't believe it! There must had been a couple of thousands more there by that time. Just before 6 p.m the head of security came up to us saying "remember when we said that you had the best spot?" and we said "yeah?", he said "in a few seconds you're gonna understand why". We looked over to the podeum and we saw HBG there! Everyone round us scremed "HBG" to him and he flushed and smiled and looked at Taylors bodugyard who also laughed, it was so cute!! By that time I realised the man in front of me was Dean! I saw Ruth and the others so I knew it was close! A few seconds later Rob, Kristen and Taylor where introduced and came out on the stage. It was amazing! We screamed for Rob and Kristen who heard us and looked at us! After being introduced they rushed down to the red carpet and started the interviews. We stood watching Rob being interviewed and signed for fans. We tried to get his attention but the security guy told us to calm down that he was gonna come up to us. So we did :)

I don't know how many minutes it took, maybe 10-15 minutes of wait until I saw Rob's other bodugyard, the dark man, in front of me. I understood he was comming over. I saw the top of his head and Dean (who's even taller than Rob!). All I had to do was to prepare my phone and the thing I wanted to get signed. I don't think I breathed those minutes it took for him to come over. It took a lot of patience to just stand there and wait! When he was in front of me I couldn't find my words. I just looked at him, said hi and asked him to sign my "thing" and it seemed like he hadn't seen anything like it before because he didn't know where to sign. I showed him where I wanted him to sign it and he signed his full name, not only the "R" that he usually does! I also asked him if I could have a picture with him and he said yes and took my phone and took our picture. He was holding my phone and I didn't know where to put my hand (I wanted to put it on his chest but was scared I wasn't allowed to!) so I held it "above" his chest :) I thanked him and started videofilm him while he was signing and takin pics for the rest of the peple after me (it was only about 10 people after me before the podeum). I saw that he was being pulled away up to the podeum so I called for him "Rob, Rob" and he looked back and I reached out my hand and he grabbed it and he looked me into my eyes and smiled!!!! I was filming while doing this, you can see my hand and hear my reaction! My sister also told me she saw it on the live stream! I was so happy! Not only did I get a picture and signature, I shook his hand and got eye contact with him!! My reflections of Rob was that he was so humble and so nervous when being in front of us. He really really wanted to make sure everyone got what they asked for. He even thanked us every time he signed/took a pic! He also tried to answer everyone and if he didn't hear what we said he asked what we said. He really took the time for us and those minutes I got to know him more than I've done over these years as a fan! He is so sweet, honest, humble, kind and cares a lot for us fans! And gosh what a gorgeous, handsome man he is! Even better close up! I could smell him in front of me and OH BOY!! I loved his shorter hair too, he looked GORGEOUS and HANDSOME!!

When he was rushed up to the podeum I filmed him being interviewed. When doing that I didn't realize that Kristen was approaching us. I heard people behind me call her name and when I turned around Ruth and Kristen where in front of me! I stopped filming and said hi to her and she signed my "thing" as well. I asked for a picture and I got that as well. I really wanted her to know a few things and I had a hard time finding my words. I did say to her that she looked amazing in her jumpsuit and she thanked me. I told her "You should know that there is so much love for you here, Kristen" and she looked at me and smiled, I also said "You Rock, Kristen" and she blinked at me, you know when she looks you in the eye and smirks? Can't explain that better, I hope you understand what I mean. I reached out my hand and she took it very firmly while looking into my eyes. She had her ring on her finger and I could feel it while shaking hands!!! I am really, really happy I got those minutes with her. She listened to what I said and you could tell she was happy to hear what I said!I kept taking pictures of her slowly working her way through the rest of us. My reflections of her was while Rob was a bit humble and maybe insecure/nervous, Kristen was surrounded by pondus and strenght. She was so tiny and short but that little woman sure has pondus. She cares about her fans and was making sure to talk to us and tried to please all of us! She was so beutiful in real life!

Taylor came up to us and was a bit stressed but posed for pics and signed my Breaking Dawn book. He was so short but very handsome, I must say!

I have read and heard many complaints about not getting anything because they where standing where the press where. I think that the reason to why they took so much time for us was that we kept calm and people where not hysterical or pushy. It was a bit quiet and we where all very respectful to both Rob Kristen and Taylor. 

After they had approached us we could relax and watch them being interviewed everywhere around us! I saw Bill Condon and called for him, he came up to us and talked to me. He was so sweet! Thanked us for comming and I thanked him for making Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 and that I couldn't wait to see part 2. He asked me if I had tickets and I said we didn't. He looked at me and said "oh no" and asked his assistant or whoever he was that was standing next to him, for tickets but he said they didn't have any. He said he was sorry for not being able to help us. He signed my Breaking Dawn book as well as posed for a picture with me.

Next was Wuyick (is that how his name is spelled??) I called for him and he came up and signed my Breaking Dawn book! He was in a hurry cause he was going up to the podeum to be interviewed but he was sweet as well! 

And that Jamie guy (Voltury) came up to us and signed my Breaking Dawn book. And those One Direction guys came up to us as well but I didn't want any pics or autographs from them.. :)

We watched them speaking to the crowd and after Rob, Kristen and the rest of the cast went into the cinema lot of people left the pens. Jeanette and I wanted to wait and see what was gonna happen. And that payed off! We knew something was going on when these mercedes drove up on the red carpet up to Empire theatre. We stood waiting and we knew they where close cause we could hear the crowd scream. We stood in front of one silver mercedes and it turned out to be THE CAR ROB AND KRISTEN WENT IN TO, TOGETHER! And I GOT IT ON TAPE! Kristen came first, she had changed clothes into something more comfortable and Rob rushed in on the side I was standing. He was still wearing his beautiful suit :) They sait inside the car for a few minutes, we waved at them and they waved back :) Papz took pictures from the other side of the car, where Kristen was sitting. 

When they pulled away I didn't feel sad. I only felt complete happiness over what I had gotten! I could NEVER had dreamed about getting what I got!! NEVER!! I am so happy and overwhelmed! I still can't believe how lucky I was!! 

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  1. Thank you Mija for sharing your lovely day to meet Rob and Kristen��


  2. Thank you for reading :)
    It was an amazing night!!


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