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Rob, Kristen & Taylor BD2 Interviews with @ Flicksandbits

flicksandbits What have you taken away from this final film in particular, working with this group of people? This series is almost like High School or College, every year you’re thrown back together with this group of people – with some new people, new classmates, teachers – to me it sort of has that feeling….

Robert Pattinson: Yeah. We’ve all had a massively formative experience together. It is sort of the same thing as going to College or High School. We’re all sort of around the same age as well, which is more unusual with a film. That usually doesn’t happen. It was a long haul for the last one, it definitely felt like an ending. Suddenly there was an enormous amount of new cast, we were doing scenes with 30 people in it, massive fight scenes. It seemed big, and you did feel like it turned into a juggernaut by that point. And then ending with me and Kristen, that was the final thing we shot. It was like, “Ah yeah, Edward and Bella, off into the sunset.” (Laughs).

Without giving too much away about the battle, what was that like to actually film? That’s certainly a bigger, more epic moment than what we’ve seen in any of the previous ‘Twilight’ movies. Did you do extra physical training for that?
Robert Pattinson: Yeah. I’d read that in the script before I read the book, so when it got to that moment I was thinking, “What?! Ok, you’re really going for it.” But it was crazy, just turning up – it felt like a vampire movie (laughs). But no, it was definitely exciting shooting that. Training wise, not really, and we were doing a lot of the choreography kind of on the fly – because people kept getting injured, so we kept having to change it (laughs). But it was fun. There was one massive shot, there’s like a 70 foot jump into a punch, that was pretty fun to shoot.

There’s a moment where you swing Bella around for a kick, was that tough to do?
Robert Pattinson: It was tough to make it not look silly (laughs). But it was really fun, it was just odd because the vampires in ‘Twilight’ barely ever use their powers, especially in huge movements. It was definitely fun.

How was it working with Bill Condon on the final two movies?
Robert Pattinson: It was insanely different to work with Bill Condon, he’s not only sympathetic to actors but he’s also a great writer as well. He did a lot of work on the script for like three weeks before we started shooting. He also kept his cool the entire time, which is very difficult on a really long and quite hard shoot – filming two movies in one swoop. Bill’s great though, he really made us feel like we were a part of the creative process.

What was the moment for you when you thought, “Wow, this is going to be huge.” Do you remember that moment or what that thing was, or was it a series of things?
Robert Pattinson: It was around the first appearance at Comic-Con, it was literally a period of three or four days where I was suddenly getting recognised. It was from being an absolute nobody to pretty much everyone in LA knowing who I was, I couldn’t walk down the street, over four days. It was crazy, there was paparazzi everywhere, they’d never come up to me before that. But I knew when I was shooting the first ‘Twilight’ movie, there was definitely a mood where people knew there was something strange about it. It would either completely disappear without a trace or it would do something special. I think people were definitely excited about it when we were doing it. Everyone didn’t really know what was going to happen with the movie, but there was a good energy.

Did you have a favourite while filming ’The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′?
Robert Pattinson: I like all of Taylor Lautner’s scenes in it. I liked the Christmas scene, I thought that was awesome. Any scene which Taylor was doing with Renesmee, I just thought it was hilarious. I remember sitting around the Christmas tree and seeing them sit together for the first time, I was like, “This is going to be in a movie!” (Laughs) That was great.

Its been an incredible journey for you with these films, and I’m sure you’ve been asked this for the last two years now, but how’s it like now, with everything –
promotion, premiers, interviews – set to be completed in the next few weeks?
Robert Pattinson: It’s definitely going to be strange in a few weeks when its all gone – until the DVD release (laughs). People have been asking for ages how I would feel when it would be over, but I never really knew. Then suddenly seeing the time frame getting smaller and smaller, it is slightly worrying (laughs). I still don’t know!  I don’t think I’ve ever felt more completely bewildered, knowing that I only have a few more weeks of ‘Twilight’ stuff left to do.

flicksandbits How was it for you getting your head around the psychological aspect of Bella becoming a vampire, and her powers?

Kristen Stewart: I was really, really excited about developing Bella’s vamp thing. And not just the look, I know people are obsessed with the look and all of that, but really, for me, she’s definitely my favourite vampire – I like her powers the best. Bella doesn’t even realize she has these really enormous talents, she discredits everything she’s got. Even though she makes fun of it, her super self-control is actually probably the coolest power in the series. Also she can project her shield, like a membrane. Bella can protect anyone who steps within that, and any other vampy power has no effect on her whatsoever, which is why Edward cannot read her mind. It all starts to click why it’s been so difficult, why they’ve been drawn together, and why she’s been such a mystery to him….all of that makes sense now. It was really interesting.

It’s a pretty happy beginning for Edward in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,’ and fatherhood has its own psychological affect on Edward, in a good way….

Robert Pattinson: Yeah. The beginning of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ starts off with a pretty happy moment again (laughs). All of the tribulations from before have ended up with everything being ok. Bella’s made the change into a vampire without a hitch really. The only worry is that Bella worries about how she’s going to behave as a vampire, is she going to go crazy? Especially because she’s stronger than all the Cullen’s put together at the beginning. You find out very rapidly that she’s very much in control of herself and finds it even easier than anybody else when they’ve been turned into a vampire. It’s a very happy beginning. With Edward, when he has a child, I think it’s such an irreplaceable union that he doesn’t just think about himself any more, he thinks of himself being him, Bella and Renesmee. So it becomes a different thing, I guess he grows up quite a bit. He stops being so self-obsessed.

Renesmee becomes a big part of this story and the development of Bella….
Kristen Stewart: Yeah. Renesmee is a really, really special little kid. She has her own way of communicating, she somehow passes a tonne of information, sensory information – that’s how Bella and really talk to each other. It’s awesome to see because she develops so young and so quickly, you see a mother communicate with her infant child more so than we would be able to in real life. I’m sure every mother feels that they’re speaking to their children, but Bella and Renesmee really are speaking to each other in this mythical way. I was so excited to see how that looks visually.

How was it for you acting opposite Mackenzie Foy in that role?
Robert Pattinson: Mackenzie’s great. She’s very self-possessed for a really young girl. She’s really smart, she’s really talented. She’s had to do very difficult things. She’s playing the face on the body of maybe 15 other young girls of varying sizes, which is very, very difficult to do for any actor, let alone a young girl who’s doing her first movie. She’s very funny. She’s taught us a lot of things about life and how to be polite to people. She’s very professional and likes to have her swear bucks. She made a lot of money off me and Kristen (laughs).

Kristen Stewart: We are so lucky to have Mackenzie. When you work with good actors, everything just becomes more real and natural for you and you create a more complete environment – it just lives within it. Mackenzie is so smart and she loves doing this. She’s never out of it, she probably knows more about what’s going on and what the next shot is than most other actors on set. She’s amazingly cool and I’m very proud to have her be playing my daughter (laughs).

While Edward has a better understanding of what is happening between Jacob and Renesmee, Bella is sort of blindsided by that dynamic?
Robert Pattinson: Obviously it causes a lot of problems in the Cullen household considering Jacob’s imprinted before Bella has even seen her own kid. I think because Edward can read Jacob’s mind and he knows a little bit about imprinting, and he’s kind of certain that Jacob wouldn’t necessarily be attracted to a newborn baby if he wasn’t kind of forced by his genes into doing it (laughs). So he kind of has a quicker understanding of it than Bella does. Bella has to go purely on trust.

While the other Vampire and Werewolf characters have had a feral and animalistic side to them throughout the ‘Twilight’ movies, this is Bella’s first time with that aspect to her – and it’s very much channeled in the new protective, maternal side to her.

Kristen Stewart: It was fun to throw Taylor around because Taylor’s not only the best at getting thrown around, so I wasn’t scared of hurting him, but it definitely makes you feel very empowered when you flick him and he flies across a forest (laughs). The cool thing about that moment was that it came from a very instinctive, protective, maternal….something that I’ve never experienced but I can feel it, having to play with it for a bit – I obviously don’t have a child to protect (laughs), but I can sort of feel it. Everyone’s toyed around with being very feral and crazy and aggressive, it’s fun to do, for blood lust and anger and all of that. But more so for protecting the child, that’s fun. That just takes it to a whole new level. It’s a lot of fun to play because I feel like there’s nothing you’ll fight for harder than your kid.

There’s been a large ensemble cast for each of the ‘Twilight’ movies, yet ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ takes it to a next level. How was that for you?
Robert Pattinson: We’ve had the same cast for years, so it’s such a huge change having like 70 people on this one – it’s kind of amazing. There are some really great actors, really great people and it’s interesting because it gives it a very epic feel, which is nice for the final one of the series. Also, really nice people seem to be attracted to be in the cast of Twilight movies. And this one, it suddenly turned into an action movie at the end. I did a few stunts, like the one where I did a jump on a wire, which was pretty fun.

Bella starts the ‘Twilight’ series as pretty awkward, shy, and clumsy. Yet in this film she’s evolved into a fiercely protective mother and powerful vampire. How has that arc been to play?
Kristen Stewart: I am so very human in the ‘Twilight’ series, I’m full of idiosyncrasies. Being a clumsy person is not always the easiest thing to do, and also, the way that I usually learn my lines, I learn the idea, then I find the words and they come out – which is why I stutter a lot in ‘Twilight.’ That’s something that I liked. But now it’s just a really different way of approaching movement and talking in a scene. I have to approach it completely differently because Bella’s mind now works so fast. Bella has had clear insecurities that show – which is really, really good for the series because at this point, to be really still, to be so controlled and to know that your mind works faster now, in that before you speak you already know what you are saying, before you move you are already there mentally. It’s like its already happened, that was interesting to portray.

In the book, the hunt was my favourite. I loved how alive she became. The idea was really clearly stated in the book that, as a vampire, Bella is different and she is special – you could feel it instantly. Everything’s easy for her. Now she’s excelling. It’s been really awesome to conceptually play that I am the strongest person in the room (laughs). That had an effect on how I stand next to these big huge guys, who are clearly stronger than me. I got to do wire work and kick people. It feels good to get physical, because I’ve always literally stood behind people.

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ explores the vampire world beyond the romance of Bella and Edward….
Rober Pattinson: Yeah. This one, it’s a lot bigger. The story spans the globe and encompasses many different characters, showing the variety of powers and abilities vampires can have. It shows a huge amount of the vampire world. Many, many different character. It shows how many different powers and abilities vampire’s can have. And is also it’s about the fulfillment of Bella’s character, first seeing her as a vampire is going to be a powerful moment. It’s very interesting.

flicksandbitsWithout giving too much away, in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ your character Jacob goes through a transformation, and forms an attachment. What was that like to play and wrap your head around?
Taylor Lautner: It was really exciting for me to play this new side of Jacob in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.’ For the whole ‘Twilight’ franchise he thought one thing, “Bella, Bella, Bella. That’s where I’m supposed to be.” And in this one he finally realises the correct placement of Bella in his life, and he realises who he truly is and where he truly belongs. He has a huge weight lifted off his shoulders and he’s a new Jacob in this last one. That was exciting to play, he gets to have a smile on his face more, he gets to crack a few jokes (laughs). I get to play a more comedic side of Jacob. It was fun. What I love about Jacob so much in the ‘Twilight’ franchise is that he’s never stopped evolving, he’s always changing, from movie to movie – huge leaps. As an actor that’s a dream to play.

Did you find that considering the new directors with each movie, and with the down time in-between making them you were thinking, “I could have played Jacob like this, I could have approached it like this?”
Taylor Lautner: Absolutely. When you make a normal movie (laughs), you film for three months, you play the character once, then you say goodbye. With this one it’s completely different. You’re able to see the movies, think about things that maybe you want to change or bring to it differently. You get different input from different directors. I loved the fact that we got four different directors for the five movies. We were able to continue learning throughout the past four years, and bring different sides to ourselves to the characters. That was a one of a kind experience.(..)
Do you have a favourite moment in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′?
Taylor Lautner: I’ve got two! I loved the scene with Jacob and Bella when she finds out he’s imprinted, it’s hilarious (laughs). Seeing Bella like that is amazing, Kristen just nailed that. It was really cool to see Jacob and Bella in that light. But then there’s an awesome moment at the end of the movie where Jacob asks Edward if he should start calling him Dad, that’s an awesome one as well (laughs).

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