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Update: Added Translation Rob's Interview In "Gioa" Mag (Scans)

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 Tranlation by @NoctConcerto:

Robert Pattinson: How boring immortality

Thursday, November 15, 2012 13:07

While it seems clear return on Kristen Stewart (you’ve seen them together on MTV?), Is coming to the movies the last chapter of the Twilight saga. Where the boy’s most desired in the world will stop forever be 17 years. Saying goodbye to Edward Cullen, the vampire

Roberto Croci and Gloria Ghiara

And maybe he somehow managed to overcome the humiliation planetary she inflicted with a certain nonchalance. Who knows. What is certain is only that the subject is off limits in interviews. For Kristen, who direct question replied that “people can continue to get his films on their lives.” But also for Pattinson, who now sits in front of me, angelic face and air faux-shabby: the boy most desired in the world, the vampire stopped at the magic age of 17 years of Twilight.

Would you like to never grow old too?
No way, on the contrary, I’m ready to do it right now. And while I’m getting older I hold to try out a different type of cinema. I don’t want to be forever Edward Cullen.

Pattinson before to be an actor.
I grew up in Barnes, a suburb of  London. My mother Clare worked for model agency, my father Richard has always sold vintage cars. We’re a united family and my parents have always supported me even when no one believed me as an actor.

After the high school – attended with James Jagger, Rolling Stones Mick’s son, a rumor says that you want to do some politics…
I would like to write speeches for the president, I’ve wanted to study international relations but at the end  they gave me the role of Cedric Diggory, in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and then “Twilight”.

In the last chapter Edward is finally married and he has a baby girl.
Edward is like revived. Bella, as a vampire, has extraordinary, unpredictable qualities. Edward has finally found his own companion, he has started to value the particularity of her lifestyle.

And can we can define you a gentlemen à la Edward?
I tell you only that I have two eldest sisters and I was raised surronded and cuddled by women, I’ve never praticsed sports I prefered reading. For sure I have a sensible soul, poet like. I’m really shy at the point that when I was 15 I put a flower in the closet of Maria, a girl that I loved. Since I’ve never took  the decision to say the truth to her, a classmate make believe her what it was him. I’ve never said anything but I’ve learnt the lesson.

How a shy boy decides to be an actor?
I was with my father at the restaurant : some girls, all cute, are sit beside us.  My father starts to chat with them and finds out that they are part of an acting group e so he convince me to part of that club, even only for dating one of that girls. I’ve never dated anyone but after my first recital I’ve found my agent.

It’s true that your favourite actor is Jack Nicholson?

I love  everything of  Jack! When I was 13 I’ve watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and I literally fall in love with his personality at the point that I’ve started to dress and talk like him. I’ve grew up watching American movies and all my favourite actors are American. During my first castings in the US I was always trying out weird accents, totally intrigued me the one from New Jersey mafia style. When they discovered that I was English they didn’t gave me the part: they were afraid that I wasn’t able to act for the whole film keeping the accent!

How is possible to choose the perfect role?
To never get wrong happens only to Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Wahlberg or Tom Cruise : the true movie stars! For the others being an actor remains a unpredictable profession. For me the ideal role is the one that nobody has the bravery to accept it.

In your life, though, there isn’t only the cinema : is true that you have always in your hands a book?
I read a lot but I’m trying not to have always a book in my hands! When I don’t read, I go to movies, also if it become more difficult because they recognize me. I’ve learnt a lot from Jean-Luc Godard  and I took inspiration from the poetry of many Japanese films, especially Yasujir Ozu’s, one my favourite directors.

Between your countless talents there’s the one for the music.
The most pure form of liberty! My sister Lizzy was the first to encourage me. I’ve always wished to play the piano in the clubs in the Côte d’Azur … I remember a man that I’ve met during my holidays in the South of the France : he was playing Serge Gainsbourg in a worn tuxedo. He was sloppy, with various glasses of whisky on the piano. A romantic scenario.

Preferite Music?
I listen to a lot of blues. And I play piano and guitar : the piano is an extension of my fingers, I study it since I was three years old.

What is your relationship with the food?
I’m a compulsive eater when I’ll be old I’ll be really fat like Orson Welles. When I read the scripts I’m so nervous that I eat entire packs of M&M’s with almonds.

You never watch your films?
Often. For curiosity, for understand if I can improve. Most of the times I see myself like the one that hasn’t the idea of what he’s doing. I don’t understand the actors that come on the set and are always ready. I, frequently, despite the preparation, haven’t the slightest idea of what might happen, until I don’t start to act.

Do you love your job?
Is the most beautiful job in the world. I’m so sorry  that I’ haven’t start before, to not have the passion for acting since I was a child.

Yet your started so young…

Is true, but I when I see Kristen on the set I realize how much she’s prepared, of how is capable of interpret her characters in a more deeper level than me. She reads a part and she’s already set to go instead I’m never sure in anything.

How do imagine yourself when you’re 90?
In front of a sunset in a exotic place, with a book and a cup of tea. Sitting beside my wife.

source: Gioia and Interview | Via FeistyAngel34 | ToR

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