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Update! (Scans+ Translation) BD2 Special “Movie Star- Cast Interview” tnxs @clara_press

Movie Magazine “Movie Star” 2013, Jan Issue Back Cover, Breaking Dawn Part.2 Special Issue & Cast’s Interview (On Stand Nov 21): Japanー

Movie Magazine January issue due November 21, its back cover is a steel of BDP2, also contains introduction of Breaking Dawn Part.2 and cast interviews of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Here is exclusive scan and interview translation to our overseas friends.

*It says that this interview took place before the “suspicion”.
*We had some English translations from the Japanese article; our exclusive to the fans over seas.

Robert Pattinson's Interview
“I know exactly who I am, and that is a prize in a way.”
Intervewer: Jean Cummings
Q:About “Cosmopolis”(due 2013 in Japan): Cronennberg always have a meaning behind his work. What is it in this particular film?
Rob: I think it is about the reborn. My image was the world right before the its reborn and when I saw this whole movie at Cannes, I had this really funny feeling of desire to death of the sociopath.
Q: Are you getting used to the  fame?
Rob: I can’t really say, I don’t know how well I am than I used to be, but I know who I am, and that is a prize in a way. I was more stressed and bothered couple of years ago, but I am more relaxed somehow, I am getting used to it in this whole time.
Q: Acting Edward makes you change your way of thinking or how you act in your private life?
Rob: I do have a bit of difficulty acting Edward, he is such an extraordinary person, very thoughtful toward others, I feel pressure to be more like him off screen. If you are partying like crazy in the real life and you are like saint on screen, you have different thought to Edward, don’t you? No fan would like that. Being an actor has different pressure from the character you do.
Q: When we had a talk a year ago, you were not fully satisfied by the quality of the movies these days and wishing to make own movie, are you doing something particular?
Rob: I will be producing 5 movies next year, I think the script is the main thing.
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