torsdag 29 november 2012

(Videos )Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed Perform ‘All I’m Asking’ + Interview "Taylor Is Responsible For My First Meeting With Husband Paul"

Nikki Reed: Taylor Lautner Is Responsible For My First Meeting With Husband Paul McDonald

accesshollywood LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- In addition to being a movie star, Taylor Lautner is also a matchmaker – even if it’s a little unwittingly!

The “Twilight Saga” star is responsible for connecting co-star Nikki Reed with her husband and “American Idol” alum Paul McDonald.
The pair, who married in October 2011, stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Monday, where they recounted their first meeting at a screening for “Red Riding Hood,” which was directed by the first “Twilight” director — Catherine Hardwicke — who is a good friend of Nikki.
“They took us to the ‘Red Riding Hood’ movie premiere and she happened to be buds with the director and, you know, the ‘Idol’ kids, they make you walk the red carpet and be all fancy and stuff and she ended up coming up and saying, ‘Hey I like your voice’ and I thought she was in the ‘Red Riding Hood’ movie and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re going to be great in the movie.’… I had never seen any of the ‘Twilights’ or any of her work.”

Nikki, on the other hand, did know about Paul, thanks to her co-star.

“Taylor, one of my co-stars, was really into ‘American Idol,’ so we would have like ‘Idol’ dates,” Nikki said. “Yeah, so it’s all because of Taylor Lautner.”

Nikki’s dad also helped the pair, who performed the song “All I’m Asking,” from their new EP “The Best Part,” on Access Hollywood Live, make a connection.

“I was with my dad, my dad was my date to the premiere,” the actress explained. “My dad said, ‘You look like you want to say hi to that guy, you should go say hi.’ Mind you I also hadn’t been on date like in a year and a half so my dad was getting worried.”

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